Maine 46th Lowest For FSSR And 4th Lowest For Crime...That And Low Priced Real Estate Makes The Job Easier.

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The real estate market where you live starts with the surroundings, not the sticks and bricks.

The safety, howmaine lupine mountains high the real estate prices and whether there is much FSSR or not makes a difference.

If your home town, county and state is 46th lowest for foreclosure, short sale, repossession because folks double up on payments that makes the wheels on the bus go round and round way way easier.

And if the Maine mortgage on places if there is one, is low because we are talking $60,000 not $600,000 super sized, that makes for a happier you each and every day.

If you live, work and play in a place like Maine

Small rural real estate agents, brokers, REALTORS have it easier when crime like in Maine is the 4th lowest.

When the outdoor four season beauty surrounds each property listing unlike a city, urban real estate professionals.

Where they just can not play the four seasons natural setting as  face cards to entice, woo the property listing buyer.

And if crime, a sense of safety in areas where you don't need to lock doors, where folks don't mess with your property and are sensitive to your feelings happens all the time, life is simpler, easier for the guy or gal wearing the "R".

If your area is plum out of bad towns to avoid, no gangs, no zero lot line jammed in clustering of population happening.

No maine cowssprawl.

No home owner associations or the lawn police knocking at your door with grass ruler statistics saying you are in a heap of trouble now fella. Who is your lawyer question being asked.

All the guy or gal with the "R" pin on has to do is show the imagery, video. Do the copy, blog about how neat it is to live in a state like Maine.

Or any state where the pace is not a 200 mile per hour blur, where people are friendly, hold doors open, let you go in traffic and are not uptight, strung out.

It is low cost to live here in Vacationland. Maine, big state, less people, prettier surroundings all four seasons. Get here quick as you can. Call, click, come visit us soon and wake up, start your Maine dream. 

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers


Ingrid Laine
Sun West Mortgage Company, Inc. - Virginia Beach, VA
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I want to live there.... (Just subscribed to your blog) 


Dec 23, 2010 04:07 AM
Andrew Mooers | 207.532.6573
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Ingrid ... Thank you very much! 

Jan 25, 2013 05:38 AM