Life With Wee People: Mama Liz, Poppy D, Melody B and the Little Minions...

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I just had to re-blog this --- thanks, Carolyn -- I have never had a song written for me before --- I love the song and also love the cover of the album.


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Life With Wee People: Mama Liz, Poppy D, Melody B and the Little Minions...

Stephen, the Minion Blur selected six out of ten tracks to be released on our fourth album. Seems the left overs were a wee bit "too loud" and need some more minion tweaking (LOL).

Off we go into the studio to create our fifth album (after lunch). I thought I wouldn't have to think about this until after Christmas, but the little minions are the wee boss of me when Melodious isn't around to keep me in virtual check. Stephen is demanding a jellybean song. I have to come up with something fun and colorful before our Santa date so I'll try to be brief. ;-)


1. The tracks Poppy D, Melody B and Mama Liz were created for Poppy Dinsey, Melody Botting and Liz Loadholt. I like being inspired by my social media peeps and the kids and I wanted to thank Liz for hosting us in SC. You guys can follow me on Twitter @CTannStarr and @TannStarr if you are into the short version of whatcha doin' (LOL).

2. Papa and Nana are what my kids call my mother and father. I grew up on jazz so that spoof is for them (LOL).

3. Jayland was created for Jayland Brown, a best wee people bud of the shorties. Elijah's song is being remastered because Stephen isn't finished twisting the virtual knobs on the digital mixing console. Elijah is Jayland's brother. We're also doing one for Yani, their mom. She's mad fun. :-)

4. Did I mention my four year old yuppie is a special effects junkie? He gets it from his Mama (LOL).

5. Are we coming back to New York? Yes. I live there... Psssst... I also live in SC and FL. Seriously (LOL). ;-)

6. Runaway Train... hmm... There's a blog post explaining that bit of mischief here (and a couple of other virtual places - LOL).

Time for lunch... Will pop in later to answer some more e-mail and spoof on my next batch of Rainers we arranged music for. The kids are painting my album covers. Very colorful, fun and cool. I need 16x20 frames for them.

P.S. Our walls are still naked. So is the guest room... At this rate who knows when the den will get done (LOL).

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You are very welcome, sweetie pie. Enjoy! :-)

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