Villa Park Rotary, Minutes of the Meeting of December 23, 2010

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The December 23, 2010 Newsletter has been published to the Villa Park Rotary website. A copy has been included below.

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Rotary Club of Villa Park Newsletter

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!


Our meeting began with an invocation by Craig Beinlich who reminded us that our Rotary Motto of Service Above Self is much like the Golden Rule.  Bill Baker in his Christmas best attire complete with red vest, tie and holiday socks led us in the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by Bryan Nash and our weekly recital of the Rotary Four Way Test.  Our song this week was Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer.



Jim Dougherty- "Perpetual Visitor"

Karen Anger- Guest of Marianne Koepnick

Bill Campbell- Magician, among many other vocations and today's speaker.


Birthdays and Anniversaries:

Lisa Stepanski- December 19th -

Tom Davis- December-December 20th

Jim and Lorraine Glenn celebrated their 56th Wedding Anniversary on December 18th.


Get Well Wishes:

Jane McDonald- who broke her ankle and sprained both ankles in a recent misstep.

Tom Davis- recovering from a pulmonary embolus

Steve Hart- recently had 2 stents placed in his coronary arteries.

and to anyone else who is recovering from recent illness or injury.



Pam Dunn- The By Invitation Only event brought in between $700 and $800

Greg Mills- talked about the New Generations Area of Service.  We have a 17 year old

  German Girl, Alexandra Naumann, who will be a Jr. student at Villa Park High during the second semester of this year. We are trying to find a host family. Anyone knowing someone in Villa Park

  who would be willing to host her contact Greg or Lisa Stepanski.  Greg also would like to

  encourage our local high school students to think about spending a semester of their

  high school career overseas. It would be a great way to learn the language and cultures of

  the host country.

Bob Meyer was not present today, but last Thursday December 16th, he and Greg Mills,

   Millie Alexander and Marianne Koepnick packaged DVD for the troops through Operation

   A Bit Of Home.

Greg Mills spoke about the May fundraiser that is going to be held in front of Villa Park City Hall.

  Jay Applebaum agreed to help plan the event that is tentatively scheduled to be a Clam Bake.

Pete Moriarty presented Rotary Name Badges to newest members Will Warren and Tom Grundy.

Jay Applebaum gave a tour of the Rotary Club website

  The site is updated weekly and you can find recent photos, newsletters and weekly

  meeting assignments in the Calender Section posted.

Craig Beinlich requests that everyone RSVP to our Holiday Party.  The event will be on January

  13th at 6 PM and will be held at the Orange County Mining Company.  The dinner choice is

  between steak and chicken. Please contact Craig to let him know if you are attending and your

   choice of dinner entree.

Milt Stamos- kinda, sorta apologized to Nagy for inferring that Options were gambling.

  A make-up luncheon is planned, although when Nagy graciously accepted the apology

   Milt seemed to think this got him out of buying lunch.

Bob Kreisberg- generously donated $200 of his football pool monies to purchase a quality

  child's car-seat for the Ronald McDonald House.  He spoke with the administrator their who

   felt this would be more beneficial than buying toys.

Pete Moriarty reminded us that this year's Rotary International Convention is going to be

   in New Orleans in late May.  He and his wife, Diana plan to go and anyone else who goes will

   be treated to a tour of the city by Pete.

Nagy Ibrahim- spoke about the Rotary Foundation.  Donations can be made on-line through

  the Rotary International Website or directly through Nagy.


Happy Bucks:

Teri Brooks told about Steve Hart and his recent cardiac stents. Steve apparently doing well and happy that he sought treatment for what he thought was chronic indigestion.  She also got a very nice email from the mother of a marine she hosted on Thanksgiving.

Bryan Nash was very happy that his Camp to Belong just got a $10,000 award from the Samueli

   Foundation as part of their Big Heart Awards Program.

Tom Grundy was happy to report that Fox News is not holding back any punches or trying to

  be politically correct. They are happy to say Merry Christmas and have some scripture on air.

Pam Dunn took one look at Bill Baker and decided he could be her surrogate Christmas Tree

   this year.  If you weren't at the meeting Bill was really dressed in his Christmas best.

Eric Sense told the story about his son at Lutheran High and how he and his wife suspected

  study shenanigans but found out that their son was studying hard for his recent exams.

Milt Stamos commented that Eric should bet a bigger part in his son's next play because of

  his storytelling and acting.



Bill Campbell -Magician

Also Software Engineer, College Math and Finance Professor.


Bill just back from business related trips to England, Germany and Russia showed us some superb magic tricks.  Using disappearing half dollars, unequal  ropes that became equal and a leave them

awestruck card trick, where using the card shuffling talents of Marianne Koepnick and the hands of Dianne Rothi as a blindfold he predicted which card would be left as the only diamond in the deck.

Amazing stuff.



Next Week - No Meeting.  Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.


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