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TITLE REPORTS - Why We Love Them So Much!

  Ok, Maybe everybody doesn't love them as much as I clearly do, but hopefully I can show you some of the different types of Title Reports that we offer here at Stewart Title.

Uninsured Products:

Limited Title Report:This is a basic search of the public records in report form that includes, but not limited to, Taxes, Liens and encumbrances and current vesting.

Condition of Title: This reports contains all of the information shown in a Limited Title Report, However this report also includes, but not limited to, easements, water and mineral rights, Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions. This report gives you an overview of the general condition of said property.

Insured Products: 

Litigation Guarantee's:A Litigation Guarantee is issued for the benefit of an Attorney only, to be used for the purpose of instituting in connection with Quiet Title Actions, partitions, or other matters of litigation.

Trustee Sale Guarantee's: The Trustee Sale Guarantee is a form containing assurance specifically structured to meet the needs of a trustee or attorney contemplating the foreclosure of a Deed of Trust.In particular, the form identifies all persons who, according to the public records, are entitled to receive notice of the contemplated trustee's sale.  It also contains other information useful and necessary for the conduct of a proper trustee's non-judicial foreclosure.

Commitment for Title Insurance:This report defines the proposed insured and makes requirements to which the Policy issuance is subject. Where as the exceptions shown in the report will not be covered.




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