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Goal setting and achieving

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Have you ever drifted aimlessly without setting any goals?  It seems like you're constantly reacting to what life throws at you.  This is by no means breakthrough material that I'm talking about but it's a good reminder.  The day that I wrote down my first goal was truly a milestone for me.  I always knew what I wanted but it just kind of sat in my head with no way of coming to fruition.

Write down that main goal you have; maybe it's something like: how do I generate more leads?  Let's say "How do I generate 10 new leads per week?"  Then start brainstorming some answers to the question.  You will be surprised at how many answers you come up with.  Write down everything that comes to mind even if your answers start becoming similar in context.  It's important for your goals to be quantifiable, meaning; they should have a timeframe and a quantity or measure.  Then take your answers and start breaking them down into smaller, achievable pieces.  The further you break down the original goal, the more clear and achievable it becomes.

I have become addicted to writing plans for achieving my goals.  When that main goal is finally achieved after following through with all the smaller goals, it is truly rewarding.

Good Luck.

Tammy Stone
Prudential Preferred Realtors - Grand Rapids, MI
"Eco-Green" Agent in West Michigan
I'm always writing my goals.  In fact, I think I'm always writing too many goals and can't get focused!  You should see all my notes in my 3 ring binder.   UGH!  It's all good.  It comes around full circle and I finally think I know what I want!
Sep 17, 2007 05:58 AM
Terry Voth
Sutton Group West Coast - Vancouver, BC
Realtor - Vancouver

Tammy- Have you ever heard of a book called "Unleash the Warrior Within"  by Richard J. Machowicz?  He was a Navy Seal for 10 years; he combines his Seal training with some of his own creativity and teachs how to focus on the easy yet important goals first.

It's a great read.

Sep 17, 2007 12:23 PM