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Services for Real Estate Pros with Stewart Title & Trust
I do all Property Profiles, Farming, Labels, Vesting Deeds on Properties, or even if you need a parcel number I am your Guy.I am very fast at getting these important Profiles and Farms to you, in a timely manner. Feel free to Email me anytime with any questions about Property Information, I will be happy to assist you!

Information we include in our Kits. Listing Kits: Property Information, Demographics, Maps, Comparables, Deeds And Deeds of Trust, Affidavit of Affixtures, and Trustee Sales, Everything that is of Public Record, Taxes

About Property Profiles
Property Information provides the highest quality real estate and tax assessor data. Providing the best quality data for marketing. Databases have been further enhanced with school information, demographics, businesses, street maps and parcel maps

Farming:Single Line Farm/ which includes Parcel Numbers, Owner of Record, and Site Address, Mailing Address, Year Built, and phone numbers if available. Mortgage Farm/ which includes, New Loan Date as Sales Date, XferAmt as Sales Price, Lot Sq. Footage, Building Sq Footage, Land Use, Loan Type, Lender, And Parcel Number.Labels/ 3 across Labels to the Mailing Address, 3 across Labels to the Site Address or Current Resident, 2 across Bar-coded Labels to the Mailing Address.

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