Did You Remember To Get A Hold Of Your Sphere Of Influence And Past Clients?

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   Toward this time of the year, it is very busy for everyone for work, vacations, and just time to relax. Yet we should spend some time to get back in touch with our Sphere of Influence and past clients to thank them for their support and to let them know that we are still in the real estate business. Never know, maybe they might give you some business.

   There are many ways to get a hold of them and thank them. It could be a quick phone call, a card, email, text, or a personal visit. I tried to do at least 3 for each of my contacts.

   This is a great time of the year to share joy and happiness. If you have not done so, you still have time. Happy holidays and hope everyone have a great 2011.

Happy Holiday Christmas Tree

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