What do I need to change in 2011?

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What do I need to change in 2011?HealthyBy Ron Accornero

It is the time of the year where some people sit down and write their new year's goals.  I am not one of those persons, but there is one subject that I like to preach about and hope more people will convert to my way of thinking.  That subject is our eating and what we eat.  I see many people who are over- weight and many who are having problems with heart disease.  Too many of the foods that are on the shelf in markets are processed and are not good for us.  There are too many fast food stores which deliver high caloric foods and not good for our heart.  Heart disease is the number one killer in the United States along with diabetes.  We are raising our children on this diet and our children are over-weight and will probably grow up with heart disease problems. 

It is very difficult to change our diets that we have been accustomed to eating.  It takes dedication and help from a partner.  The diet I am recommending is a diet of vegetables and no meat or dairy products and no sugars or desserts.  This is possible because two years ago I started this diet by visiting the local Marie Calendar's restaurant every day and using the salad bar and eating raw vegetables and a cup of soup.  You can do the same thing by buying the vegetables and eating at home.  There are a lot of diets available with good foods without meat and dairy products.

What motivated me to this diet was after visiting my cardiologist he told me to lower my cholesterol below 200 or get ready in a few years to do a heart bypass operation.  Since I am a person who enjoys running and tennis I decided that it was a must to change my diet.  In addition I read some very good books on diet and heart disease that changed my life forever.  The names of these books were, "the China Study "and "Healthy at 100".  This started me off and I began reading more of these kinds of books with interest of improving my cardiovascular health.

There is a good video which just came out on U-Tube called "Processed People" which identifies the problems our society is having.  Here is the URL to have a look.


If you are past 50 and living on a processed diet and meat and dairy products take a minute to review this video.  It may save your life.  In addition it will help to feel much better and do more things like writing articles on Active Rain.

Happy New Year!

 Ron Accornero

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