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Day (215,216,217,218)

The day of inspection(s). They can be somewhat of a nail biter, because every house is not created equal. Inspectors stay in business because of the lack of maintenance that most homeowners fail to comply with.  The home is an investment to which you must respect and maintain.

Clients are failing to be educated by their professionals and in turn end up in law suits disputing undisclosed details that are material facts prudent to the responsibly of home ownership.

The key to a happy client is trust and respect. Once those two are out the door, you really should start to wonder if your clients are looking elsewhere to the next professional that will take over when you are lacking in the integrity department.

Our theory is that we must always have our clients best interest at heart throughout the entire transaction. If we would not have our mothers live in the houses we sell, then are clients are not suitable for the house.

Being successful in Real Estate is not selling a house to your client once, it is selling a house to your clients for the rest of your career.  In theory a happy client will always be your client and so will their friends.

Enjoy your Monday! :-)


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