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I just got a request to do a desk review.   Just one problem.  I am the appraiser!

So yes - had to decline that assignment, with the ordering party apologizing and thanking me at the same time!  Always a funny situation!

So now the real question is this : How will I do in the eyes of someone else?  It sure does keep you on your toes - if you will perform each appraisal as if someone else were going to scrutinize it!

Knowing this makes me work harder to write reports that truly make sense to all readers - from the professional mortgage makers, Realtors, appraisers, underwriters, borrowers, and eventually, investors, government entities, etc!

We as appraisers need to keep in mind the "stream of commerce" for those who may view our reports.  I don't write it so a 5 year old can understand it, but I also try to stay away from "appraiser jargon" that only the "insiders" speak. 

What about you?  Whom do you keep in mind when writing the report?


Make it a GREAT day!


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