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As a certified Mastery Coach for Fortune Builders I'm ALWAYS looking for the most bang for our marketing buck not only for my company but also to help my students!  We spend time and resources testing the effectiveness of varying marketing campaigns.  In fact, the majority of the budgeted expenses for real estate professionals involve marketing.

What I don’t get are agents and investors who spend a ton of money to promote their brand, their services, properties, etc…. but, don’t do anything to capture their audience.  Why spend money on pay-per-click campaigns, blog maintenance, social media management, SEO services, and developing kick-butt ad campaigns that do not encourage the consumers who view your information to interact?

A click to anything you have spent money to develop or place is a valuable thing.  You need to capture clicks.  Clicks are potential consumers that you could sell a service to now or in the future.

This is the …. “Call to Action.”

Always include something for readers of your blog, viewers of your video, or site visitors to interact with.  They need a reason to call, buy, opt-in for free information, subscribe, get more property details, etc…

To take this a step further…

Oft-times I will watch a video on YouTube or visit sites that are really cool to look at.  But, while I’m enjoying the entertainment, the brand is lost along the way.   If a click-through potential consumer listens, watches, reads, or visits, they should leave not only remembering your cool information, they should also remember who you are and what you offer.

Including a Call to Action is an extremely simple thing to do and essential for protecting your budget.

Beyond simply including a Call to Action, you should also think about cultivation.  Leads that take the Call to Action should receive an automatic follow-up campaign.  This could be an auto-responder email series that also include Call to Actions.  For leads that directly contact you by phone or email, they should be placed in email and follow-up call campaigns as well.

Also remember that any Call to Action marketing needs a web presence in today’s web age.  If you send a campaign, make sure that consumers can find your brand if they Google you.  They should find a web-site, not just blogs or social media profiles.  The web-site should also repeat the same Call to Action marketing.

Your business is counting on leads.  Your business is counting on growing a referral network.  The key is to capture and grab consumers who find your marketing materials (web or otherwise) and are compelled to interact with you due to your well placed, well thought through, and cultivation ready Call to Action.

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