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Tips For Finding Real Estate Treasures in Rocklin CA

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Even Howie Mandel would say “Deal!” to an undervalued home on the market in Rocklin, California. Considering the recent chaos in the housing market and the controversy of sub-prime loans and loan-shark lenders, even desirable cities like Rocklin have their share of foreclosures and short-sale properties. That’s the bad news.

Foreclosures and Short Sales
The good news is that buyers willing to take the added risk of dealing with foreclosures and short-sales can get their hands on some real estate treasures. Banks are looking to get as much of their investment back as possible but they also recognize the volume of homes on the market. The Rocklin real estate market is not glutted with homes as many areas are, but there are plenty of excellent properties going for much less than their assessed value.

The trend in housing in this area near Sacramento is pointing to an upturn. Rocklin homes are hot but it’s still a buyer’s market. Valuable treasures can be uncovered if buyers are willing to put in the work to upgrade older properties, fix and repair damages or even do a full remodel. Due to growth in Rocklin, California and the promising outlook for more demand of affordable housing, investing to upgrade the quality of a home now can bring big dividends later. A check on current listings shows properties like a 2 bedroom 1 bath cottage labeled “in need of repair” for $110,000. That price is so low a buyer might turn and walk away thinking the house might not be salvageable. Guess what? A closer look shows it needs plumbing repairs and cosmetic upgrades but the bones of the house are good. Even if it was a pile of wood waiting to be demolished it would be a money maker because it sits on a half acre in a prime location near a park in Rocklin! Look beyond the obvious. That’s why it’s called a hidden treasure.

For Sale by Owner
Some of the best bargains come from homes sold through owner sales. Owners know the bottom line between profit and loss on the sale. For whatever reason, they choose not to use a professional real estate agent. That shaves a few thousand dollars off the top of the sales price because there are no fees paid to agents. Some owners just want to get out from under a mortgage to downsize, move or even upgrade to another home without taking a loss. Take advantage of their eagerness but make sure you have proper legal advice and do some research. Whether it is Rocklin real estate or any place in the country, FSBO offers potential bargains.

Auctions and other Unconventional Means
Some consumers might be surprised to learn that venues like Craig’s List and eBay sell and trade homes. Auctions for properties on eBay and offers to swap homes on Craig’s List are not uncommon in today’s real estate scene. More and more shoppers take advantage of the convenience of the Internet. Shopping for big ticket items like luxury cars or single family homes is on the increase. It’s another opportunity to find a bargain. Buyers should take precautions to avoid scams but real deals are out there. Information found on line about the low crime rate and high quality of life in places like Rocklin, California help make real estate there even more popular.

Common Sense Tips
For consumers interested in finding the best possible deals available in the Rocklin, California real estate market, a small amount of research goes a long way in getting the right price. Owners with homes on the market longer than the average number of days it usually takes to sell a home in a particular city tend to be more anxious to sell. When owners begin to worry if a home will ever sell, it’s a prime time for a buyer to luck out with a low-ball offer. Houses that are on the market for a long time usually represent good deals for the buyer.

Perspective buyers can find good deals by networking with professional real estate agents and keeping an eye on listings. It’s a good idea to talk to a few recent buyers in Rocklin. Recent buyers often have good tips on prospects or solid advice about avoiding some bad deals.

Buyers in any area should take the time to investigate before signing on the dotted line. It is always a good idea to work with an agent but it doesn’t hurt to do your own research. An agent won’t know that a particular place reminds you of your grandma’s house or jolts some other memory of a pleasant or not-so-pleasant experience. Only buyers know if a home matches the description of a hidden treasure. After all, one family’s fixer-upper is another family’s treasure.

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