"Purchasing Your Next Home With A Holmdel Real Estate Agent."

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A Holmdel Real Estate Agent should stay on top of the market and can advise you on the best time to purchase your next home in keeping abreast of the current market landscape and the inventory. As any Holmdel Real Estate Agent knows, now is a great time to take advantage of some good deals, some great deals, specially with interest rates remaining low and of course, everything remains negotiable.

You don’t need a Holmdel Real Estate Agent
 to tell you what type of home style you require, what amenities you are looking for, although there may be some agents who think they know better tha
n you. Perhaps now would be a good time to discuss the home search process, what questions may be asked of you, what qualities you should look for in a Buyer’s, Holmdel Real Estate Agent.

Once you have decided you are ready for a change, once you have determined you are motivated and serious about that change, the time is right to contact a Holmdel Real Estate Agent. Communication will be the key ingredient throughout the process. You will be expected to be forthright, honest in what you impart regarding your conviction, circumstances and resources. So, what does this mean? In no particular order, here are examples of questions you should be prepared to have answers for or be prepared to answer in the very near future. Kindly note, these are not intended to be prodding or nosey but will be telling in regard to formulating a plan, a timetable toward the realization of purchasing your next home.


HolmdelPark2Consider this a foundation so to speak, for success in achieving your goal:

v    When would you like to be in your next home?

v    Do you currently own the home or are you renting?

v    If you own the home, do you have to sell the home to move forward?

v    Is you home currently on the market? If so, is your home currently Under Contract?

v    Is your proposed home purchase based on employment relocation?

v    Do you have an indication as to what your credit score/rating might be?

v    How long have you been employed? Are you an employee? Do work as an independent contractor?

v    Do you own your own business? Can you provide income verification, proof of employment and tax returns?

v    The deposit monies being used toward your purchase, where will they be coming from: savings, gifted, transferal or closeout from a fund?

v    Do you have a relationship with a mortgage provider or a financial advisor?

These are fundamental questions, issues, which will have to be addressed somewhere along the way and all paramount to the process. If you are uncomfortable answering the questions when broached, take prior initiative to get the answers, assume some responsibility in sharing the information. A simple offering during your time in speaking with your Holmdel Real Estate Agent would suffice.

Your next home purchase will probably be your biggest financial endeavor and responsibility. What should you not only expect but also deserve from a Holmdel Real Estate Agent representing you as a Buyers agent? Some Buyers prefer to start their home search on the Internet, statistics suggest over 85% do, probably more.

Somewhere along the way, most will contact an agent, hopefully a seasoned professional, familiar with not only the inventory but also the quality of life afforded in any given community. A Buyer may then ask for more detailed information, the MLS listing for the home, as a precursor for requesting a showing. This seems easy enough but I disagree. Let’s factor your time into the equation along with some intangibles. There are some specifics not always available on the MLS listing for any given home which could have everything to do with whether or not the home, the surrounding will satisfy your desires, your needs.

Holmdel Park1

Here are some questions you might want to ask your agent, some things you might want to consider before you request an appointment, invest your valuable time:

v    Are you familiar with the home, the neighborhood, immediate surroundings?

v    Have you previously shown the home? If you have, do you feel it is something worthy of consideration based on your observations and understanding of my needs?

v    Can you confirm the square footage, there’s no indication on the listing? Does the footage include the basement area?

v    There is no indication of taxes, what are they? Are they current?

v    Is the home located in a wetlands area?

v    Do you know if the home is being offered as a Pre-foreclosure, Short Sale or Bank Owned property?

v    Was there ever an oil tank on the property? If so and it was removed, was the remediation approved by the EPA/DEP?

v    Are there any easements on the property? Is there a Seller’s disclosure statement for the home?

v    Is the communal complex I’m interested in solvent? What is the percentage of primary occupancy? Is the complex on an approved lender list?

v    Where does the school bus stop?

I think you get it….

Excuse me for suggesting but ask yourself, is there one question, it’s answer, which would not have a direct influence on whether or not you would want to invest your time in scheduling an appointment.

Again, most if not all of these questions may not be addressed or answered on the MLS listing. Now that I’ve empowered you, assume the responsibility in asking the questions. Of course, it is difficult for a Holmdel Real Estate Agent to be on top of every home on the market but if they don’t know, they should say they don’t know and offer to get you your answers immediately. I know I do! One thing I have learned, an agent should never waste anyone’s time or show someone a home, which they may fall in love with and can’t have for one reason or another.

When working with your Holmdel Real Estate Agent
, there’s a commitment associated with Buyers, Sellers and their agents known as Fiduciary Trust. Simply put, this means working in confidence with which one is representing, a trust based on the nature of the relationship, the individual being a Buyer or a Seller. Another term, which comes to mind, is Disclosure or the revealing of information, which may have been provided in confidence or secretly, also based on trust. Ask your Holmdel Real Estate Agent to explain your working relationship to you and while you’re at it, ask the meaning of Disclosed Dual Agency, Disclosed Dual Agent.

In being mindful, a home’s current market value is not determined by a Holmdel Real Estate agent, not by a Buyer’s agent, or a Seller’s agent, it is determined by the general public, the consumer, in essence, what someone is willing to pay at any given time, for any given home.

Your Holmdel Real Estate Agent
 should also be an experienced negotiator, an acquired skill set no less important than any other in the process. Just the fact that I am mentioning this shows I am cognizant of what it takes to present an offer, have a contract accepted. A Buyer’s agent should also provide some insight, a best-case representation in comparing equitable, recently Closed transactions, in close proximity to the subject property. Again, agents do not attribute current market value to a property but should provide a window for comparison, usually for the purpose or in anticipation of, presenting, negotiating an offer. This is just one of several considerations when contemplating what to offer on any given opportunity. If you are looking for a Holmdel Real Estate Agent, give me a call.




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