Will this new year really make you any more happy?

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We are only a couple of days away from that big ball dropping and everyone shouting "Happy New Year!" but for some people do they really have all that much to be happy about? I get the opportunity to talk in front of and to a lot of different people and it amazes how many will experience momentary happiness on New Year's Eve and yell that infamous phrase but will then go right back to a life, that if they are being honest with themselves, doesn't make them all that happy.

Now, I am treading lightly because I am far from a doom and gloom person and certainly do not want to depress anyone, but I do have a motive. One of the great exercises that I folllow through with on a smaller scale each and every week is a personal audit of myself to guage where I am at in relation to my goals for myself personally, financially, physically, spiritually, and in the direction of where my company is heading. This past week has allowed me to do that on a greater scale, which has lead to some major changes coming for Jared James Enterprises (JJE) but it is a healthy and good thing.

So back to my motive.... I want everyone to be able to say Happy New Year in a couple of days and really mean it. This will require so many of us to first figure out what our core principles are and what our goals are professionally and personally for the coming year. Next we have to be tough with ourselves and do an internal audit to figure out if our daily patterns put us on the road that leads to where we want to go. If you are reading this and are having difficulty coming up with what your daily patterns are then you probably don't have a set of daily patterns which means it is time to make a chance. The greatest and most successful people of our time have a common characteristic and that is that they are creatures of habit. Although they leave room each day for freedom they also understand what I have been saying about the most successful Realtors for a while now:

"The difference between good and great agents is that good agents do the common things most of the time. Great agents do them all the time."

If I could get you to do one thing this New Year's I would ask you to take a look at your daily patterns and determine how much of your day is spent prospecting for new business? How much time do you have scheduled off in the next year? What is your financial goal this year? How many closings will it take to hit that number? How many people do you have to create conversations with to list the number of houses you need to list and find the number of buyers you need to create the number of transactions that you desire? What does that break down to per day, week and month? WHAT IS YOUR PLAN?? Is it tangible, attainable, measurable...?

Give yourself a reason to be genuinely happy this year by giving yourself a chance at what you really want. That means no more "fly by the seat of your pants" days filled with surprise and reactionary behavior. Set up your year now to be everything you want it to be so you can get everything you want to get. If you do this you will be one of the few that can actually say "HAPPY NEW YEAR'S" in a couple of days and actually mean it.

I look forward to staying connected with so many of you at events and on places like facebook in the coming year.

Happy New Year's!!


Jared James

Jared James Enterprises



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Greg Dibrindisi

True words Jared!!!  It amazes me how an agent can come into the office and complain about lack of business but goes on to inform us that she spent a couple hours at the mall and has to go home to watch Oprah.  Do we need Clorox in the real estate gene pool?  THIS IS YOUR BUSINESS!!!  Work at it.  Send a 9 word e-mail to everyone who hasn't bought and you haven't been in contact with.  Subject line; THEIR name.  Body: Are you still looking to purchase a home in ______."  Thats it, simple!!!  I am psyched up for 2011, and I had an OK year in 2010!!!       Thanks Jared!!!!



Dec 30, 2010 05:08 AM
Jared James
Jared James Enterprises - Milford, CT

So true Greg. Good luck in 2011!

Dec 30, 2010 05:33 AM