Purchasing a Fort Worth Home

Real Estate Agent with Alexander Chandler Realty

In Texas, the market has not suffered like many other areas throughout the United States.  Fort Worth has "held its own" and is continuing to grow in population.  The year 2010 has brought economic challenges for many; however, the low mortgage interest rates and stablilization of sales and prices have allowed many people to purchase a home.  Not only have the interest rates remained low, the government enacted home buyer tax credits that could be used in the first half of 2010, which led to more buyers in the market.  Buyers also have the Mortgage Interest Deduction (MID) that creates a significant tax savings for many and enables consumers to save more toward their future.

2011 is fast approaching and most people still strive to own their dream home.  The Fort Worth home market and it's stabilization allows consumers to reach their dream.  Now is the time to work towards that 2011 goal of home ownership.  To find out more about the Fort Worth home market, go to www.AlexanderChandler.com or call us at 817-806-4100.

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