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Is there a difference between an HOA and NA or not?

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For many home buyers the presence of an HOA will either draw them in or deter them from looking at homes in a particular neighborhood.  But it's important to also understand that there is a difference between Home Owners Associations and Neighborhood Associations.  If you might be descriminating your home search by HOAs and NAs, you may want to understand the differences, just in case if it changes your mind.  There is a difference after all!

You may want to realize that Homeowner’s Association and Neighborhood Association cannot be used interchangeably. Let's clear it up!

Homeowner’s Association 

An HOA is an overseeing body is in place to make decisions and manage the Common Interest Community (CIC.) A condo complex or new development follows the HOA’s rules and regulations, which a builder put in place during an area's design and building stages.

Usually, the HOA collects a fee for their service and purchaser of any certain property does not have the option of rejecting it. And at times, there can be legal ramifications for not following area guidelines. HOAs typically manage and provide a wide variety of amenities: management, security, snow removal, landscaping, recreational extras and/or maintain exterior condition of properties.

Neighborhood Association 

A neighborhood association is formed by a group of concerned neighborhood residents. There are typically no fees for this service, as a neighborhood association (NA) operates on a volunteer basis or may complete projects with fundraisers.

Neighborhood associations strive to build resident interest, better the safety of the streets, protect the quality of the neighborhood, and represent the community voice at city meetings.  The neighborhood association doesn't have the same legal authority as an HOA.  A neighborhood association organizes citizen interest, and can mediate a resolution with a nuisance neighbor.

Searching for a Home by Neighborhood

For those who may know which neighborhood you want to live in (because it has an HOA or not) you can use our site COhomefinder.com to search for homes by neighborhood.  Take a look:

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This is such an important fact you have detailed.  Both groups do enhance a neighborhood with projects and maintenance and some offer entertainment such as Halloween Parades, Easter Egg Hunts, Block Parties and Holiday Galas - so there is a value to both.  The issue you discuss regarding voluntary or mandated is the big factor of difference.  It is well worth investigating all neighborhoods as their HOA or NA may be operated differently.  Thank you for a great post.

Dec 30, 2010 05:45 AM