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Lake Norman NC Waterfront Homes are leveling out in prices and are expected to hold steady. Homes sales on Lake Norman have picked up over the recent months. There are far less distressed home owners living on Lake Norman than most any part of the nation. The custom home builders around Lake Norman did in fact get caught in the fishers net when the market and banks began to tank, but the good news is that volumes of those issues have now cleared and Realtors are back making sales on a near normal basis. However, those that are making sales are seasoned Realtors, which is a good thing. See, back in the real estate GOLD RUSH, nearly everyone knew a PT or FT real estate agent and that alone flooded the real estate market. Those that could not weather the storm (mostly PT Realtors) simply got out of the business and moved back to what they were once doing, or otherwise found a new career. Among those that put there blinders on (worked harder and longer hours) and kept pushing forward in every way possible, regardless of the down economy, survived. The Realtors that succeeded the best in the downturn either had an established client base and great reputation, or they had embraced online marketing technologies years prior to the recession. Fortunately, my husband and I were years ahead of the "online marketing curve" and worked our Lake Norman and Charlotte NC website as a result, we together have realized the benefits. If you are thinking of hanging in the real estate market, my best advice to you is to learn everything possible about the Internet and begin your online quest. The process is tedious and will require lots of time (couple years min) of day-to-day devotion before you get a handle on what to do, which services to use and how to deploy them effectively. As the Internet is constantly changing it requires more than just a website, in essences it requires a host of online tools, including a mix of video and a clear marketing strategy to simply keep ahead of the curve. If you would like to learn more about how you can be more effective in selling your home or marketing your home online for your clients, feel free to post a question and I will do my best to answer. If you are seasoned online marketer and have a website contact me and I will offer you a few great tips.

Work hader than years prior and you will succeed.

Work Works!


Sunny Yates- Realtor/Broker/Lake Norman & Charlotte NC

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