Reminder - Real Estate Can Be a Dangerous Profession

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Be aware, be alert, be alive! We need to take our safety seriously. If I had my way, I would make it a law that before we as realtors show anyone a home, they must sign the agency disclosure, in the very least. 

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caution yellow tapeReminder - Real Estate Can Be a Dangerous Profession 

Last week a real estate agent in San Antonio, Texas barely escaped with her life from a harrowing encounter with a robber. While showing a luxury home to someone she thought was a potential buyer - he turned on her and began to beat her with a stick.  

From a viewing in a gated community of multi-million dollar homes the man forced her into a car and was in the process of driving her to a bank with a demand for $4,000.  Fortunately, the quick-thinking woman bolted out at a stoplight and managed to escape. Story via The Chron

This is just another of many episodes that should cause us to reevaluate our own personal safety in some of the situations we find ourselves in. 

A few years ago I had a stalker who had more than likely came from one of my ads.  He began calling me every afternoon at approximately the same time with some very threatening and frightening dialogue. 

Surprisingly, the caller ID read, "Friendly's" and I connected the phone number with a particular restaurant in Framingham. I got in touch with the local police who were absolutely wonderful. They tracked the "Friendly" location and we set up a sting operation. I was certain this would work - but, then again, I probably read too many crime novels. 

The perp managed to evade the sting and called from a different location.  He eventually stopped the calls completely but not until he had completely shaken my world. 

Although it is not often showcased in the media, the business of real estate is considered by security experts as a high-risk profession.  And, there are some precautions that we really should follow. 

  • Be careful about who you allow in your car.  Always meet a new customer or client at the office first and drive separately if you can. 
  • Paperwork is a great buffer.  Get a signed contract or at least an Agency Disclosure - any excuse to see their identification and have a chance to "Google" them.
  • Don't be so willing to show a vacant home to someone that you do not know. Take someone with you or at least let people know exactly where you are. 
  • The same rules apply for an open house. Be vigilante about how it is conducted. 
  • Be careful not to become a target for robbers or potentially dangerous people.  

No one wants to be afraid or live life in a bubble.  But a few precautions can make a world of difference.


  "Reminder - Real Estate Can be a Dangerous Profession"

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nobody - Alamance, NT

omg, none of us take the red file seriously. We pick up strangers at hotels, restaurants or in our office. Put them in our car and then drive out to the boonies....we must all be nuts.

Dec 30, 2010 01:06 PM
Marc & Carey Maricopa
Solutions Real Estate - Maricopa, AZ
Home Bargain Planet

I wish the board of realtors would make it a mandatory to get people to sign. I like the buyer brokers but when many weak desperate realtors say, "hey you can use me and lose me" this puppy dog style type of running their business, it makes me have to work harder to convey our function as a legal profession which demands an adherence to agency laws and ethics. 

Dec 30, 2010 01:12 PM