Do I really need a Realtor to sell my home?

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Especially in this market where price & negotiating are that much more importatnt. After all, we are talking about the biggest investment for most people. Negotiation is just a part of the real estate transaction process, protecting your clients best interests at all times & preparing your people for the ups & downs of buying or selling. Communication is so important in to make sure you eliminate the possibility of a difficult transaction.

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Do I really need a Realtor to sell my home, I get this question from many people who have tried to sell their home on there own. Your Home is one of your biggest investment, are you sure that you want to do this on your own.

Take a look at why you should consider using a Realtor before going on your own:

1.  National Realtor Assocation stated that using a Realtor will net you the most money when selling your home. In comparison to doing on your own.

2. Legal paperwork: are you familiar with all the legal terms like:why I should consider using a realtor when selling my house

A diminution, decrease or easing of something; Abatement refers to a reprieve from or reduction in a debt, tax or other payment obligation faced by an individual or company

clear title
a title to real property that doesn't have any encumbrances such as liens or judgments against it.

cloud on title (cloud)
A claim, or encumbrance on real property that affects or impairs the title. Examples of cloud on title include: a mortgage lien whose repayment hasn't been officially recorded; a deed which has been signed but hasn't been properly recorded.

dominant estate
dominant estate is the parcel of real property that has an easement over another piece of property. It is also called a dominant tenement.

This term is usually used to put aside some money, documents, or something of value, with an independent third party called an escrow agent, to satisfy certain debts or obligations established in a written agreement. 

3. You don't have to interact DIRECTLY with the buyer ( A Realtor will negotiate on the price)

4.Realtor can also offer TIPS on making your home more attractive to potential buyers.

5. Pricing it RIGHT is important: A Realtor can help you when pricing your home.- They know the business, local market and the process too.

So if your selling your home, Why don't you consider using a Realtor to help you make the most from the sale of your home.



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Comments (1)

Aaron Lowe
Remax Results - Wayzata, MN

A very timely blog in a Difficult market.... I would have to include preparation of the clients expectations as a very important quality. Given a Realtor's experience can prepare the client for the potential pitfalls of a real estate transaction.

Dec 31, 2010 03:53 AM