Operation Save Our Homes!!!

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MARK YOUR CALENDARS! There will be GREAT Informational Handouts at this meeting!

UPDATESThere will also be a "Panel of Speakers" to include a Certified HUD Counselor and representatives from banking institutions as well as a testimonial from a current homeowner who has been able to successfully receive a modified loan to meet her current income on her adjustable mortgage loan - please come hear her story!  Be sure to SPREAD THE WORD!  Have your questions and issues ready!

Letter from the Founder of Sacculturalhub.com

September 9, 2007


Dear Close Friends, my Relatives, and my Staff,

This is a SERIOUS LETTER of ACTION and notification of your attendance for the following:

Emergency Town Hall Meeting: Operation Save Our Homes 

in the Greater Sacramento Valley Region

Date:  Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Time:  6 pm to 8 pm

Location: San Panell Meadowview Community Center
Conference Room A
2450 Meadowview Road - South Sacramento
(at 24th and Meadowview)

Save this date and time on your calendar and make it a point to be there to voice your opinions, suggestions, any solutions that you might have and to be a witness for the cause of action.  

This economic crisis effects each and everyone of us in our livelihood!

I am here to inform you about possible solutions to saving your home if you are in a situation of where your adjustable mortgage loan will be increasing by hundreds of dollars (anywhere from $300 to $800 per month) in the near future.  Some of you or you may know of others who are undergoing this crisis.  I, Pleshette Robertson, am a homeowner in South Sacramento and my adjustable mortgage loan will increase in January 2008 by $500.  There are solutions and WE MUST work together to share this information and take action to follow the instructions (see "Letter of Action - Operation Save MY Home" attached) regarding saving our homes.  We can no longer just sit back and just wait to see what will happen in the U.S. economy as we are hoping that are government officials and President Bush are seeking to come up with solutions to help us.  By that time over half of us will have lost our homes to foreclosures.

Within the last 10-15 years so many African Americans (those of us who jumped on the opportunity) were afforded the wonderful opportunity of the "American Dream" - of homeownership in California.  Within the first couple of years of owning our homes, hundreds to thousands were sucked in, bombarded, and aggressively approached with the option of doing refinances on our home.  We fell into this grave trap of adjustable mortgages.  I, Pleshette, should have listened to my grandmother who said to never "BORROW on your home" and steadily "pay your mortgage on time no matter what".  If only I had listened to my grandmother who still lives in her home in East Palo Alto (of over 30 years).

Nevertheless, I should not along with hundreds of others be forced into a situation that was encouraged by predatory subprime lenders whereby we fell into an adjustable loan situation in which we were not fully aware of the horrible ramifications and consequences that our families would be confronted with.

I am insisting that you refer to the following links of information addressing this issue as well as READ and PRINT the attached letter.  


Bush Administration to Help Nearly One-Quarter of a Million Homeowners Refinance, Keep Their Homes

FHA to implement new "FHASecure" refinancing product 



Home Prices May Fall Further

Freddie Mac, Industry Members and Consumer Representatives Support Senator Chris Dodd's New Principles to Preserve Homeownership for Subprime Borrowers


If you or you know of something undergoing an adjustable mortgage, please TAKE ACTION to edit the letter attached (according to your basic information) -

Letter of Action - Operation Save MY Home

and send this letter to your lender as well as the cc:'s mentioned in the letter.  Once you send the letter, you should also fax it, and call your lender (within a week and every week thereafter) to speak with someone who holds highest title to ask them about addressing the issues of your circumstances and the letter you sent.  Your letter along with the cc's must be sent as certified mail.

PLEASE forward this e-mail and information to someone who NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT HOW TO SAVE THEIR HOME.  Here's my motto:  "For every African American who currently owns a home, I want us to REMAIN HOMEOWNERS!"  These subprime lenders must work with us to keep our monthly mortgages at the same rate and not astronomically increase our mortgages by $300 to $800.

You've been INFORMED and now it's your DUTY to take ACTION! If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call me at (916) 470-2337.

True Blessings,

Pleshette Robertson CEO & Founder - Sacculturalhub.com

**Published/distributed with permission**

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