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Inventory Documentation Services gives owner Hal Holubik of Toursdforce, a Lenawee County virtual tour company, what he wants out of life – a great deal of satisfaction  in knowing that the service that he provides to others  will give them security and peace of mind.  With an up-to-date home or business inventory Hal Holubik’s clients have in hand the information that they will need to protect themselves if disaster does strike.

Lenawee Home inventory documentation is nothing new for Toursdforce, but it is just now seeing remarkable growth. Large companies have known the value of a thorough asset list for years, and now small- to medium-sized businesses and homeowners are realizing the need as well. A thorough inventory is a great tool to help people remember, whether their loss is from a fire, burglary or natural disaster. Personal property inventories are either beneficial – if not essential – for many other reasons, some being estate planning and settlement, divorce, prenuptial agreements, taxes and valuations, moving, and buying or selling a home or business.

Experiencing is certainly the hard way to learn the value of a personal property inventory, and Holubik’s first-hand knowledge speaks for itself. His family experienced a financial loss after their garage was broken into.  Hal quickly did a visual inventory for the policy report and then was granted a 6 week extension from his insurance company to come up with a complete missing item list. One year later they’re still finding items missing that were not reported. “You simply cannot remember everything until you go to get it”, states Hal Holubik. This instance would have benefited greatly from a thoroughly prepared inventory.

Insurance Companies, Agents, law enforcement agencies, and Financial Advisors strongly recommend through documentation of personal property to ensure your family’s financial protection in the future.  Tourdforce Home Inventory Service provides a professional, reliable, third-party home and business inventory designed to maximize your claim as well as making the process smoother and faster.  In addition their service can document your personal property prior to a move or storage in the event you need to prove damage or theft.  Fire, floods, thieves or storms can take away a lifetime of memories and valuables.  Don’t add additional grief and pain by not being prepared for your insurance company.

About Toursdforce inventory documented tours. Toursdforce professional photographer has the perfect solution for you AND your valuables with their Home Inventory Tour!  They will photograph, document and securely store all of your valuables on their secure servers and onto a CD for you and one stored in your file at your insurance agency for your proof of ownership which is only a mouse click away!  Did you know that when making an insurance claim a photo is worth as much as an actual receipt to your insurance company? 

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An up-to-date home inventory of your property will give you security and peace of mind knowing that you have in hand the information you need to protect yourself.

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