365 Days of Real Estate & Tech - Day 15 -- BlackBerry

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  The BlackBerry is a smartphone from Research In Motion (RIM) with additional powerful features such as calendar, email, web browsing, GPS, and games. A few years back, the BlackBerry was the only smartphone that corporations uses because of the devices ability to connect to the corporate Exchange email server and Virtual Private Network (VPN) capabilities. Since then Apple's iPhone has catched up by having the ability to connect to Exchange servers and many new phones have similar or even more features then the BlackBerries. I will talk more of the iPhones and other smart phones at a later date.


  There are many different varieties and models of BlackBerries. The basic models are the Pearls and Curves and the more advance models are the Bold, Storm, and Torch. I probably upgrade my phone about every 36 months because I don't see the need to constantly upgrade to a newer model when all I need are mainly the basic functions of making phone calls, working on emails, and web browsing to work right.

  Somehow I only so far installed about 6 applications on my BlackBerry compare to about 80 apps on my iPad. It could be the ease of installing programs on the Apple iPhone and iPad or that there are more apps especially for real estate for the Apple Devices.

  The BlackBerry is a great device and people do get addicted to it, reportedly having worn-out thumbs or even sleeping next to it more than with their significant other, which in my case I am guilty of the latter. I do not think I could be as productive as I am in my real estate and other businesses without my BB. Actually I left my phone home in two separate occassions and it was the weirdest feeling especially every few minutes I try to reach out for the phone and it is not there.

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Olga Vasquez
Park Regency - Granada Hills, CA

Hi Song: yes the blackberry is very important for our business, happy New year 2011!

Jan 01, 2011 04:50 AM
Song San
Coldwell Banker Dynasty - Rosemead, CA
Broker, MBA

 Olga, thanks and have a great 2011.

Jan 02, 2011 05:56 PM