Milestone Journal Entry 1 - 12/31/2010 -- Figured Out How To Solve Soduku

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   The last few months I been slacking off by not seriously tracking my progress or worked on my goals as I used to in the last 8 years. Maybe it was that I got overwhelmed and just needed some time off and start back over again. Having goals are important and being able to break down each goal into small pieces in order to focus on accomplishing them would be easier and doable then trying to just take on the big tasks in one swoop.

   Milestone Journal Commitment
   Starting this evening I am committing to work on 1 big project each month and 1 medium project each week. So if I am consistent and discipline enough I would be able to complete 12 big projects and 52 medium projects by the end of next year, which I believe would improve my life and career.

   First Medium Project
   My first medium project that I tasked myself early this week was solving Sudoku.

Milestone Entry 1 - Sudoku

   What is Sudoku?
   Sudoku is a puzzle where there are 9 big squares that each contain 9 smaller squares inside that can use  only use the numbers 1 to 9 once per each big square and also vertically and horizontally. Each big square starts off with some random numbers and it takes a lot of thinking and using the process of eliminating to figure what is the correct number for each square.

   Why I could not solve Sudoku previously?
   I did tried Sudoku about a few times the last 3 years but never completely solve any of them. The problem that I found out was that I got confused or didn't know what to do and gave up. The rules are simple, which is to get the right numbers on the right squares without repeating them on each big container square. Each puzzle is suppose to take about 10 - 30 minutes because if it is to short, there is no challenge, but if it is too complicated, people would give up quickly or be not able to work on it during their breaks or lunch hour.


  1. Start off to spend some time to understand the rules, which I would recommend at least 15 minutes. Spending only 20 minutes to 30 minutes each day practicing and master one strategy before learning another one.
  2. There are many levels of difficulty and usually the newspapers containers medium to hard puzzles. Might go to any bookstore or even Blockbuster and look for the really easy ones to practice.
  3. Try to solve the vertical or horizontal row that have the least blank squares and try to eliminate any posible number that are in the container square already.

  I am happy that I finally understand this and it does help me think better. Hopefully I can master this as I practice and post additional tips.

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Praful Thakkar
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I love Sudoku -- and I have an iPhone app where I solve at least few daily puzzles -- my fastest on a simple one was less than 30 seconds.

Jan 03, 2011 05:06 AM