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Quick Response (QR) Codes | Smart Phone Marketing

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How to squeeze every dollar for your marketing using QR codes with your conventional advertising.

If you have been reading any national magazine lately, you have come across those funny looking squiggly square things. These are Quick Response codes, also known as QR codes. QR codes are all the rage in Asia, and are the coming thing in marketing in Europe. America seems to be a late adopter of this amazing technology, and quite frankly, it has to do with the quality of our cell phones. Our phones are not as good as the Japanese. Simple fact.

For the small business owner, QR codes are a Godsend. Most storefront businesses, the ones that rely on daily foot traffic for their business survival, have never really had a good way to quantify their customer base. Simply stated, the store owners know many of the customers by name or by sight, but have no real way to contact their entire customer base on a Thursday morning to let them know that there is a three-hour sale starting at noon. However, with QR codes, the store owner can capture customer contact information by having the customers scan the store’s QR Code… get redirected to a landing page and opt-in to the store’s email list. This can be done fairly easily using traditional “exclusive membership” incentives.

Once the customer has “opted” into the email list, the store owner can now begin to build a meaningful relationship with that customer and, in doing so, can increase customer retention like never before. If the store owner will refrain from pounding on the customers with daily emails, and only sends occasional, relevant beneficial emails, goodwill is created between the owner and the customer. Customer retention is achieved, and profits are increased. Simple fact.

If you are reading this now and wondering how QR codes and mobile marketing can benefit your business, you should give me a call.  I feel very confident that QR Codes and Mobile Marketing will create a tremendous boost to your sales and bottom line profitability. We are offering a 30 day money back guarantee and a 30% discount to the first 20 clients to sign up for January.  This offer won’t last so call today.  765.894.1310

Here is a QR code for our potential client.  It is a link to a mobile squeeze page we designed for them to expand their customer base and can be used for many other types of promotions.

If you are paying for print advertising you should be including these now. Otherwise you’re throwing money away.


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