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New Years 2011. New Years is a time of reflection. Whether we plan to or not we seem to take time to review things just before starting the next year. Sometimes we see good things and sometimes . . . Let's just say that the years that fly by are the ones we remember fondly and the ones that seem to drag on have some "baggage". Okay so enough of that.

I hope that you had a great 2010 that flew by with many memories that are propelling you into 2011!

With new goals, wishes, and "honey-do's" I am looking forward to 2011. After taking time out to recoup with family in October and complete my professional planning in November I have a better focus for business in 2011. If you are still having trouble with you goal setting you can check out this blog about SMART resolutions.

I have also been reflecting on some personal, family, and spiritual stuff. (Don't worry this is not going to get too sappy). I was remembering some holiday traditions that I grew up with and how that had changed since my wife and I moved away from family. I kind of miss some of the things like seeing the lights downtown, spending time with relatives, snow on the mountains, etc. Now I look at my 3 children and this is the first year that they really see the traditions that my wife and I have started for our family. This really made me think about what is really important!

So when I looked at my personal goals I did it with the big picture in mind. Touchy feelly stuff like make the world a better place by being a better person. I've decided that I really want to live more in the moment and to step up my outlook to be more positive in the New Year. The SMART planning would probably work for these goals but that feels a little TOO anal retentive for what I want to accomplish. Now don't get me wrong it is important to have sustainable and measurable goals. Don't turn this around against me and say you don't need to plan and establish business goals. But how genuine can you be if you keep track of how many people you smile at or stop smiling when you reach your daily quota?

I resolve to:

  • Turn CAN'Ts into CANS
  • Look at the positive in EVERY situation
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Smile more
  • Ask "How ya doin'" and honestly mean it!

These are not "goals" or "tasks" but things that we can all stand to do a little more often. This will not only make me feel better but it will give people around me a lift also.

Let me know what you are working towards in the New Year. I would love to hear about how you are planning for 2011. Maybe I can help in some way or maybe a friendly ear would help you organize your thoughts.

(Donnie Worley is a licensed real estate broker with RE/MAX Real Estate Service and REALTOR®. He is a husband and father living in Sanford, NC. If you have any questions or comments send them to or call/text 919-478-4967.)

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