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I frequently analyze my activity to make sure that I am being productive, not just busy.  Many of us seem to get caught in the trap of equating being busy with being productive.  While it's true that we need to be prepared and being productive will mean that we are busy, being busy is not necessarily being productive.  Working on the website, practicing your listing or buyer presentation, and many other  similar activities are all necessary - to some extent - but these activities are not what brings the business in.  Very few of us will every be as prepared as we'd like to be in every area of our business and yet we can all decide to take action and do the activities that will actually move our business forward like lead generation / prospecting.  Make the calls - first and foremost.  Follow them up with emails, or perhaps more importantly, handwritten notes.

The activities that directly relate to making money are the productive activities - listing and buyer presentations to actual potential clients, showing homes, doing open houses, calling prospects each morning, and writing offers are all examples of productive activities.  Don't get me wrong, you still need to be prepared and it's a good idea to spend some time to get prepared.  However, doing productive activities is by far the most important thing to do and scheduling every day with more productive activities will increase the likelihood of achieving your goals - or at least doing better this year than last.  Take an honest look at the amount of productive time you spent each day last year; did you spend 2 hours a day productively?  If so, can you double that to four?  What would that do for your business? 

Finally - the best way to be productive is to use systems, leverage yourself with an assistant (or better yet, a team) and to automate those systems whenever possible.  I have found an incredible system that is going to help me achieve my goals and beyond in 2011; I am attaching the link for you to check it out.  The main video is 12:34 and is well worth your time.  There are a couple of other videos that will help you get a little better grasp of the system.  The tools they have for you and your clients are simply amazing and VERY easy.  You can learn about this fantastic system at  Feel free to leave a comment - especially after you've seen the video on the link.  You can also share this with your friends if you don't mind them learning about this amazing system.  Make it a great 2011 - this system will help.

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I spend 2-4 hours a day on marketing activities and schedule one appointment per day which I call "income producing" activities.

I REALLY love the photo background of redrock - beautiful!

Jan 08, 2011 05:51 AM