Are You Starting the year as an Un-happy???

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I am busy trying different marketing ideas to find one group but not really one person.  I am trying to find the group of "Unhappy Realtors".  I know you are out there.  I know your transactions can't close in 30 days or less and you need help.  I can close in 25 days.  Major Short sale banks are telling you to close often times in 30 days or less.  Does your lender operate well with those terms?  I do.  I am licensed under the NEW licensing system and work for a large west coast Privately Owned Mortgage Banker.  I can offer my Realtor Partners Marketing assistance where I take over and send marketing pieces to thier database once a month via e-mail and NO charge to them.  I can show you a way to offer below market financing to thier buyers as well as thier sellers.  This does 3 major things for Realtors.  !) Increases calls on thier listings. 2) Increases foot traffic into listings. 3) Increases Referrals for that Realtor.  Imagine on your next listing appointment if you were able to say "I can get the buyer of this home Below Market Financing"  will that help you compete with a foreclosure in the same subdivison???  NOW about the 25 day close!  If a client give me what I ask for in the first 24-48 hours I can get that transaction closed, closed, closed and you are on to the next transaction!  Underwriting, document drawing and funding are done in my office.  If you are in Arizona I can fund your loan.  If you are in California I can fund your loan.  Think about the last transaction and if you were happy with the way it turned out??  If you were not happy then you fall in the group I am looking for the group called "UNHAPPY REALTORS"  Call me 602 740 6678 

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