365 Days of Real Estate & Tech - Day 17 -- Rechargeable Batteries

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  Batteries provide energy to all the devices we carry around with us such as our cameras, cell phones, iPad and even laptops. Most of these devices contain rechargable batteries that can be charge hundreds or thousands of times before needing to be replace while the single use Alkaline batteries from Duracell and Energizer are thrown away when the batteries are dead.

Duracell Battery Charger

  Alkaline versus Rechargeable Batteries
  Since last year I have committed myself to be more environmentally conscious. While shopping at Target this evening I remembered that I needed some batteries and saw the charger and two rechargeble AA NiMh batteries for about $20. For the same $20, I could get about two packs of 24 Alkaline batteries. It took me a while to make any decision because I even though the rechargable batteries are better for the environment and cheaper in the long haul, I would need 4 to power just my camera and a whole army of these rechargeable batteries to power all my devices at home and work and the rechargeable batteries cost about $5 each.

15 Minute Energizer Charger

  Where Are The Fast Chargers?
  I remembered about 2 years ago there were these "fast chargers" that first Duracell have that only take an hour for a full charge. Afterward, Duracell came out with an even faster charger that does a full charge in 30 minutes, and then Energizer came out with an ultra faster charger that took only 15 minutes. I don't see them around anymore and the fastest charger I seen at the stores takes about 4 hours. Are we rolling back to older technologies or the "fast charging" batteries are unstable or unreliable?

  Option. Better Option?
  After spending much time deciding which type of batteries I wanted, I ended up getting a pack of 24 AAA and a pack of 24 AA batteries for about $10 each for a total of $20. Just too many devices to power and would be too costly to buy so many rechargeable batteries. I did remembered seeing a charger for Alkaline batteries at Amazon and purchased it for about $20. It is suppose to be able to charge rechargeable batteries as well as the alkaline batteries and first check if the battery is rechargeable before proceeding and can charge up to 10 times on the Alkaline batteries. It would be a great $20 investment to get an item best for both worlds. 

   I did order it and will let you all know the results after I get them in about a week. Would seem a great investment and hopefully save the planet by reducing waste.

Universal Battery Charger


Comments (3)

Wallace S. Gibson, CPM
Gibson Management Group, Ltd. - Charlottesville, VA

I have a Nikon camera that takes 4 rechargeable batteries so I hardly ever use it....batteries have a tendency to stay in the charger and not in my camera

I almost bought a charging PAD for Christmas and didn't.....I want better technology first

Jan 03, 2011 09:40 PM
Praful Thakkar
LAER Realty Partners - Andover, MA
Andover, MA: Andover Luxury Homes For Sale

You are right, Song. There are so many gadgets we use that 2-4 re-chargeable batteries are not enough. Will wait for your assessment next week...

Jan 04, 2011 02:08 AM
Robert Smith
Preview Properties, PC - http://www.RealEstateMich.com - Brighton, MI
SRES, Search for Homes Brighton-Howell-SE Michigan

I use four rechargeable AA's in my Canon A95. I have two sets, one in the camera and a backup in the pouch. I love them.

I try to run them down as far as possible, recharge them only when I'm around (don't want to 'over charge' them), and have also switched to these for all of my remotes and flashlights.  My Nikon D40 has a proprietary rechargeable, so no choice there.

I got tired of filling up my 'battery bucket' in the recycling area. Some devices recommend AGAINST rechargeables and suggest that NiCads are better - mainly for constant outdoor use. I also recommend that you buy new rechargeables every 12-15 months, especially if you don't run them all the way down before charging.

Jan 04, 2011 04:30 AM