Carpet Cleaning -Removing Red Wine from Carpet - Chesterfield MO

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Carpet Cleaning -Removing Red Wine from Carpet - Chesterfield MO

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Removing Red Wine Stain from Carpet

It’s a Friday evening and you have everything planned for a romantic evening dinner with your hubby at home. Kids are at grandmas and the house is scary quite.  The table is set with your best dishes and silverware along with your fine crystal wine glasses.


He comes home and is surprised how quite the house is and then notices the dinner table.  Well, after a shower, he joins you for an amazing dinner along with delicious red wine.  No TV tonight, he heads for the sofa and nods for you to join him, but first he fills up his glass with more red wine.  As he smoothly moves across the white carpet, to snuggle with you on the sofa, OUT OF NOWHERE ,Speedy the cat Speedy Cat darts across the Living Room floor right between his legs; No longer a smooth moving Casanova, he's now flying through the air along with the red wine. All he can think about is that mood is all but dead (and hopefully he won’t be as well). As he hits the floor, Red Wine goes everywhere. At this moment, you  wish you had a video camera. In tears laughing, your not the least bit upset because you know your husband knows a carpet cleaning secret. So the night is not ruined, as long as your husband can still walk.


Red Wine on Carpet

He gets up slowly and sees the Red Wine on your beautiful carpet. He tells you "honey, I will use my special carpet cleaning mixture to remove it tomorrow. But for now, let me refill my unbroken wine glass and we’ll turn the lights lower, so we don’t have to look at red wine on the carpet.



1. So it’s tomorrow and you mix together half  hydrogen peroxide and half dish detergent ( like dawn)

2. Spray or dab the mixture on the stain ( but first you test the mixture in the corner to make sure it doesn’t bleach the carpet, in most cases your fine except on some colored fabrics)

3. The stain should disappear before your eyes.

4. If you have a wet dry vac try rinsing the carpet with water in a spray bottle and then sucking it up the wet dry vac.

5 Put a fan on the area to help speed dry it.

Hope this was helpful and fun.

Ed Kulczycki, owner











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Judith Parker
ProStead Realty - Charlotte, NC
CRS, GRI, CMRS, Charlotte, NC

Hi Ed....I hate that this happened to you.  Thanks for sharing how to remove stains from red wine.  Have a great 2011.

Jan 04, 2011 12:22 PM