Is 2011 the year people move from the fence?

Real Estate Agent with Century 21 Mack Morris Iris Lurie
Some people are still sitting on the fence as far as with their dreams of owning a home. They are waiting for mortgages to come down, house prices to drop even further. But wait, wasn’t this the same reasons they decided to sit on that fence back in 2008? If you are one of these people stop and think what if you bought a home in? Even with the market as it is today, how much do you think you would have saved by holding off and not buying that home in 2008? Now I am thinking of the people out there who have been renting, as it is a different issue for a person who owns their home and wanting to move to another. How much savings would you have had in interest? Would your tax return been lower or higher? Where would you have put the extra money you would have paid your mortgage with? Is that dream house still on the market? Now think if you did buy that home. Would it really have cost you that much? You would not be paying rent; you would be able to deduct interest. You would have been able to add your personal touch, and maybe have added value to the property. This would be the third year you are in the home. Would you feel it is time to sell? If you would be then it is best you did not buy it back in 2008. But if you are like the average buyer, then you still are living there for another 4 to 6 years. Buying a home is the biggest investment you would make. The above I wrote in hope that it will get you to think more in line with what if you did buy in 2008, or even now. Most of us think more on today’s headlines and all, but we don’t think as to the future. We think the mortgage rates will come down, the housing market will come down more, and if we just wait till they hit bottom we will save so much money and make a great deal. So we find we are still leaving in our apartment paying rent. But what if you bought a house, would it only cost $200 more a month for a mortgage. Is this something you could afford? What about the tax deductions? Not meaning the tax break the government was allowing but just regular deductions. A great deal is something you feel personally about. Someone buying a new car for $25,000 may feel they got a great deal but someone else may feel it was a bad deal. So if your credit score is good enough to get a mortgage, and you feel secure in your job, then why are you waiting? If you have been thinking of buying then why not start your search today? What would it take for you to move from the fence and onto the path of owning your own home?

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