Loan Modifications and short sales are so frustrating but what choice do you have?

Real Estate Agent with Pacific Inter Capital Solutions

I just came back from Australia and New Zeland.  I stupidly believed this was a quite time and the banks would be instituting no new foreclosures during my absence.  I now know there is  nothing to be surprised about during this crazy period in our history.  I was there one night and got my first call about a homeowner house being foreclosed on the minute I come back.  Of course, I ran across the street to the internet cafe and started working on delaying the process until my return.  I figured that was a fluke and my vacation would  be continued without any other issues.  Let me tell you I was wrong.  Chase, Bank of America and Wells Fargo added to my fun.  They all sent notices and were placed out side my clients residences.  Well, needless to say I spent my vacation on the phone with my favorite people the lenders.  It could have been worse  if the weather was sunny and beautiful.  Luckily for me therewere terrential rains and earthquakes and sharks at the shores.  So I might say the banks actually saved my life  I never made it into the water I would have gone even with the rains.

I do expect all my clients to be saved for now.  Last night I thought I was on candid camera the phone version I received a call from the CEO and President's office of Bank of America to help my clients to a sucessful resolution to their problems.  They actually listened and heard what I said can you imagine that.  I of course had to shut up and listen as well which could be difficult for me as a big mouth native New Yorker.  He said they will advocate and the other people I speak to will no longer hide under their desks.  Hopefully, this story will be contiued with a happy ending.