I Would Love To Have This Listing

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I Would Love To Have This Listing

It All Started At A Brokers Open House

One day a couple of years ago I toured the local brokers open houses as I do nearly every week. I remember the day because there was a home that really stood out as being most interesting, and I commented to myself, "I would love to have this listing."

It Wasn't Priced Correctly

Unfortunately the price was hundreds of thousands of dollars above the market value, and even after hundreds of thousands of dollars in price reductions, the listing didn't sell. At that point I was glad that listing at that price wasn't mine, but it was still a listing I would love to have at the correct price.

Other Listings In The Area

In the time since that listing was cancelled, I've taken other listings in the area and sold them, and I've declined other listings in the area that were eventually listed by other brokers at prices too high to sell, which haven't ever sold. Someone has been watching this activity without my knowledge.

I May Love To Have This Listing

Now I have been contacted by the owner of the property I would love to list, at the correct price. They have been watching how I work, and they want me to consider listing their property if the market and their goals and situation are compatible. I would love to have this listing, and I have the discipline to decline it if it is available to me only at a price that doesn't match the market. I will tell the owner the truth about the current value so the owner can make a sound decision based on good information.

Comments (2)

Jim Hale
Eugene Oregon's Best Home Search Website

The turth is sometimes hard to see.

The truth is sometimes hard to tell.

But only the truth really works for the seller.

Or the agent.

Jan 05, 2011 06:47 AM
David North
Coldwell Banker Bain - Duvall, WA
for a rewarding real estate experience

Jim, the truth is our best friend, isn't it?

Jan 05, 2011 06:50 AM