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Neighborhoods Love Investors - House Buyers Missouri: When a house is left vacant or is in ill repair because the owner has fallen on hard times, it can be tough on the neighbors, too. Everyone knows that it’s not just the condition of your house that makes the market value, but the condition of the surrounding neighborhood homes, too. If your house is perfectly kept with a nice, manicured lawn it will lose value if your next door neighbor vacates the home. The lawn will become overgrown and unruly within a month and the windows could become broken due to vandalism.

Neighborhoods Love InvestorsThis can happen rather quickly depending on the area you live in. Your property value and that of your other neighbors will begin to drop as soon as the vacated property begins to show neglect. So if someone is willing to buy the house and rehab it the whole neighborhood will actually benefit from the upgrade.

The general sentiment at times can see real estate investors that buy foreclosures, do short sales, and buy up homes where the owner is in distress as somehow less than honorable. This is a very contradictory sentiment, since the investors are usually called by the sellers because they are desperate and want to see what will be offered for their house and how quickly it can be settled.

The seller, or former owner, can’t usually wait for a traditional real estate sale to take place. That can take as long as two years or more in this market’s climate. It’s also difficult for buyers to qualify for their mortgage loans so the seller must wait anxiously even if the buyer is very interested in the purchase.

Real estate investors are actually very good for a neighborhood and the market value of the homes in the area. They buy up houses that are in any shape or state of disrepair and rehab them. They may then put the house up for sale or might rent it out. The habitation of a house prevents all sorts of issues that are bad for a neighborhood’s home values.

Investors can be real heroes to a family in distress. If foreclosure looms, an investor can come in and give a fair price in cash for the property. Usually the lender can be paid off, the seller’s credit avoids a foreclosure on the record, and the neighbors are spared of having an abandoned eyesore on their block.


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Dawn Crawley
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Some of the government plans deter investor buying. I recently had a foreclosure and the bank was in this government program that encourage owner occupying buyers. I guess they are afraid that investors are going to take over the neighborhood and turn into a rental community. Your thoughts?

Jan 05, 2011 06:56 AM