GO Tip #3 The Attic

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The Attic is one place the home seller love to hide things and they think that potential buyers will never look up there. I truely believe they think it is just too much effort. That space can be a real selling point for a future addition or storage.

Getting a home owner to clean it out and go through the items in it can be a challenge. It is dirty, hot or cold and can be very difficult to get to.

As an organizer I find it is a key area to get cleaned out and a spot that once it is done is great to have off your to do list when the home is put on the market. A broome clean attic says a lot to a buyer about how ready the house is to sell. See the photos of the before and after shots of this attic that was purged and cleaned. It made all the difference in how buyers could see the space.

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Jon Quist
Tucson's BUYERS ONLY Realtor since 1996

If seller has a lot of "stuff" have them rent a storage facility. better a nice and clean attic, garage, etc. that is a positive, than the exact opposite.

Also makes inspections MUCH EASIER!

Jan 05, 2011 09:44 AM