Why is that door so dang cold?

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What's wrong in this Frankfort, KY Home Inspections Picture?

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The picture below was taken during one of my recent Frankfort, Kentucky home inspections.  It's a picture of the door leading to a walk in attic area.

Attic Door by Erby the Central Kentucky Home Inspetor

Well, it's so cold because it's just an interior door, uninsulated, unsealed, that leads to the cold attic area.  Why would a builder put an interior door leading to an exterior temperature area?  Because it's quite a bit cheaper and no one said anything about it.  Well, until I came along to point out the incongruity and loss of energy ($$$$$$$$) that it causes.

Do you have a walk in attic.  Is the door an exterior rated door complete with weather stripping.  It should be if you want to save energy ($$$$$$).





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I think the current owners are a little angry about the thorough inspection you did. They didn't have one done and it cost them $18K.  I, my loan officer and my agent think a home inspection is well worth what I paid.

Nathan, Morehead, KY Inspection  (20101012B)

Thank You for the outstanding job you did on the inspection.  We bought and sold 9 houses and this was the only inspection that was ever done properly.  It was helpful and we will use it to do the repairs with a system, instead of the guess work we usually do.  Thanks again

Mike & Barbara, Stamping Ground, KY Inspection (20050603

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Erby Crofutt
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The Central Kentucky Home Inspector, Lexington KY

C'mon. Ain't nobody got one of these doors in their house?

Jan 19, 2011 10:15 AM