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                                       I was reminded over and over the last couple of weeks how important a team is in business (or in life for that matter) to get things done.  It seems that more and more often these days everywhere you turn road blocks are going up.  The rules are changing, procedures are changing and sometimes it seems we are loosing sight of what we are actually doing.  We are helping buyers and sellers of real property come together for a mutually beneficial transaction.  It seems that through all of the turmoil of the past few years that has gotten lost.  First almost nothing was required to get a loan and now you have to give up your first born.  We went from drive by appraisals to appraisers that now want to do an inspection complete with work orders.  Banks who on one hand try to sell properties "As Is" and on the other are requiring that all major repairs be made before closing (sometimes just holes in the walls).  Through all of the changes, and they are constant, the most important thing of all, communication, is suffering as well.  Agents can no longer talk to appraisers, lenders who don't want to talk to inspectors and repair communication getting lost somewhere between the buyer, buyers agent, sellers agent, seller, appraiser, lender and finally, underwriter. After looking back over the last sentence I wrote it's a wonder we ever get anything done.  

                                       Team work is really the only way to get anything done.  I have been more and more thankful of team work as this year has progressed and I have realized that the more they change the rules on us the more open communication becomes not just important and necessary.  With not just the paper work changing but the requirements as well (and it seems to be happening weekly) we have to all stay in the loop.  I have talked to more lenders, underwriters and appraisers this year than in my entire career.  I see it as a good thing and never decline to speak to anyone involved in a deal because it really is all about team work.  I think we should all keep this in mind as we move forward into a new year and try to keep our clients best interest at heat.  I know there is continuing pressure to give out more and more names and numbers for service providers and not to recommend or refer just one or two people that you know and trust to get the job done right, but unless you know and trust these people to get the job done, the chances of actually closing a transaction are slim.  I say stick with a good team; keep communication open and close some deals.  Clients are only happy when they get what they want and what they want is to buy or sell some real estate.  Let's all have a great new year and make some happy clients.   




                                                Sincerely, Matt Sorensen WestCoast Home Inspection.

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Nathan Olotoa
Keller Williams Realty Tacoma - Tacoma, WA


I could not agree more with this.  You can get so much more done as a team.

Jan 10, 2011 03:25 PM
Michele Paradis
ReMax Metro Realty Inc - Puyallup, WA


I am always glad to have you as a part of my team. Great blog!

Mar 12, 2011 11:21 AM