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By now everyone has heard of Chinese drywall, but has anyone heard this one. I have a listing that is being purchased by an active military person who is overseas at this time, the agent for the buyer is doing the inspections while he is away, the Home Inspection company, runs the air conditioner on a 59 degree day and it ices up as it should at this low of a temperature, the home inspector says, oh my, this is a sign of Chinese drywall, you better get and inspection for this. Who would you recommend? Well our company does it for an additional $300. Well, I don't want Chinese drywall in my home so go ahead and have the inspection. They did it today and the Inspector called me and said, There is no evidence of Chinese Drywall, but you can't be to careful. There is no end to the cause celeb I remember uffea foam, mold, bad pvc pipe, aluminum wiring, you can probably come up with a few more. I'm all for free enterprise, but scaring an active military person, is taking it a bit far. Next they'll start doing the termite company scam of a few years back going door to door telling the whole neighborhood, The house down the street has termites, you better get a treatment just to be safe. 

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George Foster
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Jan 06, 2011 02:29 PM
Dagmar Sands
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George, it's unreal.  Everytime you think you've heard it all - there is something else that
comes up and you just have to shake your head. 

Jan 06, 2011 02:33 PM