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The names have been changed to protect the innocent; the story is told to educate those who will read it about the Ft Lauderdale Real Estate market. If one reader anywhere better understands how hard Realtors work, or gets a laugh out of reading it, then it was worth writing.

 If one realtor reminds themselves that prequalifying a buyer is one of the most important parts of the process that it was well worth writing.

And last but not least, if one person out there searching for a home thinks the deal they found, in the back of their mind maybe, too good to be true, and say it a second time, then I am sure it was worth writing.

I do understand that there are certain things that make the Fort Lauderdale Real Estate market unique, and Realtors from different markets may find some of this surprising. Fort Lauderdale realtors simply know there are certain things that affect our market, for better or worse, on a daily basis. We are a resort area, we are a huge second home market, and simply we get to live in a paradise that many people simply dream of living in, for all these things I am grateful.

8:20AM The phone rings while I'm driving past the hi-rise downtown Ft. Lauderdale Condominiums of the Las Olas Area. Good Morning this is Eric (those who know me have heard this greeting pretty consistently over the years) Hi Eric, this is Sue I am thinking of moving to Fort Lauderdale and I have been on your website early this morning and I was wondering if I could get together with you. Sue, Thank you for visiting my website, I'd be glad to help with your move to the Fort Lauderdale area, let's talk about your plans. Are you in Fort Lauderdale now or planning a trip to Ft. Lauderdale shortly?

Actually Eric I need to speak a little quickly it's snowing in Boston and I'm on my way to the airport. Are you familiar with Fort Lauderdale MLS number F1637321, it looks really nice and I'd like to see it today, Do you know if it has a view of the ocean?

Sorry to hear its snowing in Boston, happy to hear you're coming to Fort Lauderdale, and certainly would love to get together with you and discuss your plans, discuss how we work, and see if I can help with your move to the Ft Lauderdale area. Let's discuss what you looking for, so I can do some hunting, and let's set an appointment to get together in the next day so. Are you planning to proceed with this purchase with a mortgage or pay cash as I want to be sure when we start hunting we have all the documentation in place for when we find that perfect home?

 Actually this is the condo I want it's perfect, is it vacant? If it is I know they will be very negotiable on the price, I've heard all about the Fort Lauderdale Real Estate market and especially Ft. Lauderdale Condos, Does it have an ocean view?

 Sue, I'm sorry, I'm in my car on my way to the office for my first appointment of the day and once I finish I will be glad to get all the details on this Fort Lauderdale property. When we get together I will have all have all the details for you and other similar properties for us to visit. Please understand when you access my web site you are searching the entire Fort Lauderdale MLS, these listings can be represented by any Ft Lauderdale Realtor and I am happy to show you any of these listings that meet your criteria.

Eric, I really would like to see that condo today I'll call you when we land in Ft Lauderdale, thank you for you help, I look forward to meeting you. Also please check if it's vacant I would consider renting it for a while. Sue, I do have an appointment this morning but when we speak I will have all the information about that Fort Lauderale Condos rental policies so you are aware of them.

Rental policy is not important to me Eric, I would never rent it out, I'm a cash buyer but really need to run parking the car at the airport ....click... travel safe Sue, I'll speak to you later.

I pull into my office parking lot and write down Sue's cell number on my calendar, after all you never know. She sounded very nice and maybe we will get to a place where we can be working together. Maybe she will understand some of things that will make our partnership as realtor and potential buyer of Fort Lauderdale Real Estate work for both of us.

 1) Ft. Lauderdale Real Estate is far from quiet. Realtors are not waiting around for their phone to ring. Ft. Lauderdale Realtors are excited about how many buyers are knocking on their doors. Once the potential buyers of Ft Laudedale Homes start to feel that the see the bottom or more likely have missed it, market activity will change.

2) Before Sue and I go out hunting we need to discuss exactly what she is looking for, her time frame and her plans for purchasing the property. It is only fare to both of us, to the listing agent, and to the seller, that before we show a property we know that we are traveling with a ready, willing and able buyer. Sight seeing is simply part of life in Fort Lauderdale but as realtors we need to work hard not to become tour guides.

9:10 AM The phone rings, just as I answered the last of the morning emails, "Good Morning, this is Eric".

Hi Eric, this is Steve I'm from Los Angeles and my golf buddies and are thinking of buying some of these old duplexes around here and renting them out for cash flow, we don't want to put a lot of money down and we were hoping you could show a few to us later today it looks like its going to rain around 2:00 and our golf game will be rained out.

Steve I would be glad to arrange that for you but the first thing we need to do is set some time to get together, I am booked solid today, and we need to have you speak to a mortgage broker so that I have a prequalification letter. Then I can make appointments to view these properties. Please keep in mind they are tenant occupied and if you were the owner you would want me to be careful about disturbing the tenants. May I give you the name of a couple for mortgage professionals?

Eric that will be fine, I'll call them when I have moment and get back to you, please text me the numbers. Will do, have a great round of golf, click. Byeeeeee Stev And so the day goes on, I am thrilled that the phone is ringing, and I remain optimistic that every few buyers is someone who understands how realtors work and are serious about our time together, and each day I get a few booster shots that remind me with all the new technology in the world, I can't ever let go of the prequalification skills I learned as a new realtor years ago.

Today these skills have become more important than ever. The day continues, the phone (happily) continues to ring and now I am sincerely starting to see my calendar become very full over the next few weeks. I take care of some showings, work with my assistant, address the marketing on some of our listings, and of course pull up Sues "ocean view" condo.

It is not in Fort Lauderdale, it sits on a lake ( OK, a pond ) about 30 minutes inland, it is in an over 55 community, it is currently on the market for $34,000 has been on the market for 8 months and is a short sale. I do remember "it's perfect", but I am sure that was more about price than anything else; after all she asked if the water in the view was the "ocean". By the way pets are not allowed, we never got that far, but I think I did hear a bark in the background this morning when we spoke. The phone rings, its Sue, "Hi Eric did you set up that appointment, and would you mind picking me up at the airport, its just myself and my poodle I just need to get my luggage. Sorry Sue, that property does not allow pets and we will not be able to even get in the building with the pup.

 I am so sorry, as I really am a dog lover. Maxie - One of My Three Rescues

One of my three rescues, I couldn't resist. Maxie has a fan page and could use some friends.  

In addition I am sincerely booked solid today. But please go get settled at your hotel and I'll call you later to discuss when we are getting together. Sue, quick question, was that property at the high end of your price range ?

 Eric did you find out if its vacant, if it is they need to be very negotiable, that is way higher than what I can pay.

Sue, I certainly understand lets talk after you get settled in your hotel, and I promise to spend a few minutes turning you into a Fort Lauderdale Real Estate expert.

Thank you for my booster shot, agents please learn to prequalify well, it will always help you create a better career in real estate and stand out as the professional you are. Thinking of an ocean view in Fort Lauderdale Real Estate, Eric Miller and Associates are always here to help navigate the Ft. Lauderdale Real Estate market.


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