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If you are a property owner having to juggle many property matters then Property rental software can make it easy for you. People recently burdened with the responsibility of managing property may find it too difficult to handle. Contrary to popular belief property, management involves much more than collecting and depositing rent payments. A detailed record including a lot of information of income and expense reports, balance sheets and general bookkeeping needs to be maintained. Property rental software is crucial for most property owners in order to help them make vital decisions. For five or more rental properties, you can buy good software for rental property. Commodity Rentals has unique software for rental property to allow managers and real estate owners to have right to use web-based real estate management software which is user-friendly, cost-effective and customized for unlimited users and property units. You can now access this software from any place and managing it is not only hassle-free but secure too.

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Rental Property Programs - Easy way to Stay Organized

The rental property programs provide an easy way to stay organized. It cuts down operating costs and does away the need to hire more employees to manage your rental property documents and information.

User-friendly rental property tracking software will make handling of data easy, allowing you to focus on issues of maintenance and tenant requests. There is no more need to sort through paper files just to get a minor detail. Everything is at your fingertips.

The things property rental software does for you are:

  1. Record and Update Your Tenant Reports
  2. Account and File Your Annual Tax Returns
  3. Keep Track of Your Rental Property Inventory
  4. Detailed Database for Other Related Information

Reports and maintaining records is vital and needed to settle disputes with the tenant regarding payment, lease terms or other conditions of a tenancy. When it is time to renew a lease, send a late payment notification or prepare an eviction notice it is useful. Financial management and preparing your annual tax returns becomes hassle free and saves time. Excellent records ensure you do not miss any possible tax deduction, which in turn reduces your taxes.

Inventory list takes care of your rental properties easily and information on location, square footage, property type, rental information or maintenance is always accessible at the press of a few buttons. Property rental management software allows you to create a complete database including minute details of color scheme, fixtures, appliances and more. You can even maintain detailed records on individual tenants including employment status, credit history, references and communication records with the property owner.

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