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Urban Living Tour

The Urban Living Tour stands out as a one of a kind exploration into not only the architectural properties and dwellings of an urban community, but the lifestyle of individuals who inhabit these spaces. Join us for a comprehensive view of modern urban living.

The spectrum of spaces and individuals range from an internationally known sculptor (creator of the cast-acrylic transparent bathysphere) who renovated a cereal grain warehouse ñ transforming it into his work/live compound; to the lovingly restored Victorian home of Lillian Love, leader of the preservation movement in Oakland. From the Historic Central Station (the end of the Trans Continental Railroad line), to a live/work hair salon, and a loft penthouse with a pool.

The Urban Living Tour is a self guided tour. After checking in at registration you will receive a map that will direct you to the locations on the tour and near by cafes along the route for refreshments. A wristband will identify you as a tour participant and you will be provided with an information sheet giving you a short synopsis of the each property. You may visit the over one dozen locations at your leisure and in any order. Once you arrive at a tour location there will be staff members on site to guide you, and answer any question. Those of you who wish to participate in the raffle can get their maps punched at each location. 

Below is a sampling of the numerous properties you will see on the Urban Living Tour. Come

Urban Tour Collage

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Rick Grand
nowhere - Eugene, OR
That sounds like a neato set up Tracy. If I was only a bit closer! haha...
Sep 27, 2007 03:48 PM