Everyone Should Have a Real Estate License.

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Everyone Should Have a Real Estate License.

Blasphemous words coming from a full time professional Realtor.  My colleagues would string me up by my shoelaces (if I had laces).  Hear me out on this one.  Each of us knows 200+ people pretty well.  Of those 200 about 10 will move next year.  You have a couple of choices:

 •1-     Don't get involved.  It is their business who they do business with.

•2-     Refer them to your favorite Realtor.  You want to help out your Realtor but also you know that he/she will do a great job for your friend,  You want you friend to have a good experience.  Your friend will be grateful. Your Realtor will be grateful.  Your Realtor will also send you a thank you card and a small token gift.  She may even take you out to lunch.  That is ALL he/she can do by law.

•3-     You have a license and you refer them to your favorite Realtor for the reason above except NOW you can ask for a referral fee of between 10-25%!!  On an average house, after the spit with the company that hlods your license, that means a check to you of about $1500 just for giving your favorite Realtor your friends' name.  Oh yeah, and also saying lots of great stuff to your friend about your Realtor.

To Become a Referral Agent:

To get your real estate license you need to take "Principles and Practices".  It is a 60 hour course and costs around $400.  When you pass the test for the class you take your state licensing test and pay for your license $293/year in Connecticut.  You will need to take 4- 3 hour classes every 2 years. That's it. So let's review.

•1-     An initial time investment of 60 hours and an initial financial investment of $693.00

•2-     Ongoing time investment of 6 hours of continuing education each year and an annual expense of $293 for your license and about $70 for the 2 classes.

 New Class Starts Monday

The main reason that I am posting this at this time is that our Northern Fairfield Country Association of Realtors is sponsoring a real estate licensing class (Principles and Practices) and it starts MONDAY!!  It will meet Monday and Wednesday evenings 6:00-9:00PM.  The cost is $399.  There is still space available in the class.  You can sign up over the phone on Monday by calling 203 744-7255.  The class is being held at their office at 15 Stony Hill Road (route 6) in Bethel CT.

 Need More Information

At McCaffrey Realty Professionals, we hold monthly career seminars to explain all of the levels of "Realtordom" from referral agent to full time producer.  We talk about time commitment, training options, potential earnings and answer all of your questions.  For the next scheduled seminar call Linda McCaffrey at 203 775-3634 ext 102.

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Good Afternoon, This is a good post, full of info, that will help a person make a good info decision.

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