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I promise to lead generate 27 hours a day so I can buy buy a 7,000 square foot house in 12 months.  Did you write something like that down recently?  This time of year there is plenty of focus on goal setting.  They say only 6% of Americans put goals in writing and not so coincidently they account for 80% of the wealth in our country.  

I know in real estate we really get into goal setting which is great. I'm obsessed with it!  Have you ever had a goal or resolution not stick?  One of the biggest mistakes we make is simply in how we approach goals, promises and commitments.  Our mindset needs to move closer to self-actualization.  We tend to speak in terms of "doing" and "having" yet we should be thinking in terms of "being" and "becoming."  

Are you goals about what you are going to DO so you will HAVE "x"?  (Like the first sentence in this post)  What if you looked at it from a lifetime perspective? What if you instead thought about what you ARE and what you want to BECOME?  That's the secret to long term sustainable change.  It's very difficult for many of us that are result oriented because it seems difficult to measure.  I'm suggesting you first define who you want to BECOME.  What type of spouse, father, spiritual being, physical being, personality, social impact do you want to BECOME?  Then write your goals around that.  Make it a journey towards becoming, not a run towards having.  It's not about the 20 pounds you want to lose, it's about the more healthy person you want to become.  Then tell yourself everyday (a.k.a. affirmations) that you are becoming a more healthy person and believe it.  

Yes, your goals need to be written.  Yes, they need to be specific.  Yes, they should be as measurable as possible (some relationship type goals are not too measurable).  But, before you do all of that, stop and do some "being to becoming" thinking and journaling.  

There is a big difference between doing towards having and being towards becoming thinking.  Focusing on what you want to become not on what you want to have will change your mindset and your life. 

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Lori Bowers
La Quinta, CA
The Lori Bowers Group

Really good blog. I like your idea to frame your goals on the result, not your action.

Jan 08, 2011 07:09 AM
Kathleen Cooper
Kathleen Cooper, Sposato Realty Group - Worcester, MA
Sposato Realty Group - Broker Owner

Great thought Seth!  Never looked at it that way, but I can see how it makes a world of difference.  Looking forward to reading more of your thought provoking posts!

Happy New Year!



Jan 08, 2011 10:38 AM
Seth Campbell
Seth Campbell Realty Group @ Keller Williams Realty - Framingham, MA

You have to decide today if life is about who you become or what you achieve.  We tend to be achievement minded and celebrate the type of achievement that is tied to things and titles.  I would suggest your achievement be about becoming what God intended you to be.  Sometimes that will also include things and titles too.  The key is, which one are you aiming for?  

This is the path to a self-actualized life.

Happy New Year!

Jan 08, 2011 11:31 AM
Dawn Marie Anderson
John R Wood Island Real Estate Inc 239.410.7677 - Sanibel, FL
Broker Associate, GRI, SRF

Love this Seth!  Yes, think about being and becoming.  I really like your blog.  I am going to become what God intended me to be.  Thanks for sharing this.

Jan 16, 2011 10:56 AM
Edward moloney
Edward Moloney Loan Officer GMH Mortgage Services - Holliston, MA
Loan Officer Providing 5 STAR SERVICE

Seth great post. How are your goals going now that 1st wuarter is almost done

Mar 24, 2011 03:41 PM