WHO IS SIGTARP? Who do you call when you deal with loan modification fraud?

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According to their website they serve a critical function.  Here is what it says at their website http://www.Sigtarp.com.  (My comments are in italics)


SIGTARP’s mission is to advance economic stability by promoting the efficiency and effectiveness of TARP management, through transparency, through coordinated oversight, and through robust enforcement against those, whether inside or outside of Government, who waste, steal or abuse TARP funds.  (I DONT KNOW ABOUT YOU BUT I PUT UP THE BS PROTECTOR WHEN I HEAR THE GOVERNMENT USE WORDS LIKE TRANSPARENCY, ENFORCEMENT AND OVERSIGHT - WHAT DO THESE WORDS EVEN MEAN ANYMORE CAN SOMEONE TELL ME)?

Promoting transparency in the management and operation of TARP is one of SIGTARP’s primary roles. Through EESA, the American taxpayer has been asked to fund - to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars - an unprecedented effort to stabilize the financial system and promote economic recovery; in this context, the public has a right to know how that money is being spent. Transparency is a powerful tool to ensure that all those managing TARP funds will act appropriately, consistent with the law and in the best interests of the country.

Coordinated Oversight
SIGTARP plays a vital role in promoting the economy and efficiency in the management of TARP and views its oversight role both prospectively (by advising TARP managers on issues relating to internal controls and oversight, for example) and retrospectively (by assessing the effectiveness of TARP activities over time and suggesting improvements and making recommendations for positive change). SIGTARP also closely coordinates its oversight activities with the other TARP oversight bodies to ensure maximum oversight coverage and to avoid redundant and unduly burdensome requests.

Robust Enforcement
SIGTARP’s third primary role is to prevent, detect and investigate cases of fraud, waste and abuse of TARP funds and programs. SIGTARP, through its own investigative resources and through partnership with other relevant law enforcement agencies, is committed to robust criminal and civil enforcement against those, whether inside or outside of Government, who waste, steal or abuse TARP funds.

If you are aware of fraud, waste, abuse, mismanagement or misrepresentations affiliated with the Troubled Asset Relief Program, please contact the SIGTARP.   (THERE YOU HAVE IT FOLKS,                IF YOU SEE A WASTE OR ABUSE OF TRAP FUNDS MAKE SURE YOU GO RIGHT OUT AND LODGE A COMPLAINT SO THEY CAN INVESTIGATE, BE TRANSPARENT,                       AND ENFORCE THE LAW).

What kinds of things should you report?

Allegations of fraud, including false statements, false claims and misrepresentations affiliated with the TARP.  (DO THEY MEAN THE HAMP TRIAL PLAN SCAMS THAT AFFECT SO MANY PEOPLE??)

Any activities that might impact the integrity of the Troubled Asset Relief Program including, but not limited to, allegations of fraud or misconduct by Federal employees and/or entities receiving TARP funds.  (THERE YOU GO, WE GOT EM, WHEN TARP RECIPIENTS LIE TO YOU THE SIGTARP COPS WILL ARRIVE ON THE SCENE).

Actions by persons or entities attempting to misrepresent their association with TARP by utilizing deceptive contracts or financial instruments; including, allegations of identity theft or misrepresentations. (YOU MEAN THOSE HAMP TRIAL PLAN CONTRACTS THAT SUGGEST YOU WILL GET A MODIFICATION IF THE LENDER SIGNS AND RETURN THE AGREEMENT TO YOU AND IF YOUR MATERIAL REPRESENTATIONS IN SECTION 1 DON'T CHANGE)?

NOTE: The confidentiality of your contact information is assured when received via phone, mail or in person. Laws protect you from reprisals (any action taken against you because you filed a complaint).


HERE IS THEIR ONLINE COMPLAINT FORMhttp://www.sigtarp.gov/contact_hotline.shtml#theform



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