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Canadian Financing in Arizona in 2011 is possible?  Definitely!  Express Capital Mortgage has dedicated itself towards this niche for a long time.  The problem is that it has been difficult to determine who, how, and what it takes to accomplish this.  We are coming out of the woodwork now with a fantastic array of programs and products!

The Story

There has been many changes in the mortgage industry and it still continues to change.  There are many financing options for Canadians and other Foreign National buyers purchasing in Arizona but as a buyer it is difficult to know where to start.   Many Realtors in Arizona have become accustomed to getting cash buyers from Foreign Countries- mainly Canada.  This translates to a fast easy process for them to go through. Especially since there has been a lack of financing options form mortgage meltdown, the reduced cost of houses, and the abundance of investors have made it a mainstream to simply put cash down on an investment property or second home.

Why Finance an Arizona Property?

If you found this posting as a Canadian you most likely already know the benefits of financing and aquiring property in Arizona.  We help each of our clients to not only find the right source for your situation whether the property is a holiday home/vacation home or an investment property.  We know local teams that can assist you that are familiar with international purchases.

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We look forward to delivering you Canadian Financing in Arizona in 2011

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