Are Microwaves a thing of the past?

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I have a fascination and love for new technical things even though I may not be able to operate them right away.  After running across this amazing technology, I think there is no need to invent anything else.

Fulton Innovation was in Las Vegas demonstrating their new wireless charging technology that is mind boggling. This technology is called "Induction Power" and it can literally light up boxes of cereal to make them like eye-candy to children and adults alike.  It can illuminate in stages which creates an eye catching effect.

The company also had a can of soup which had a heating coil beuilt in the packaging and when placed on its specially designed kitchen surface, the soup will cook itself in the pack.  It is supposed to be hot, perfectly warmed soup.

This technology also has the ability to communicate with other devices, including blenders and saucepans to cook food to a pre-defined recipe. 

What do you think of this future technology? 





Candy Henthorne
Results Realty
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Jason Frey
PureWest, Inc. - Livingston, MT

Candy - as a parent seeing the light up cereal boxes invokes a "you have got to be kidding me" response as I foresee Trix becoming $11 a box.  As a guy, picturing issues of Field & Stream and cases of micro-brewed beer doing the same thing....I say "that's awesome!", I'll pay whatever I have to..... Haha!
All best,
Jason Frey

Jan 10, 2011 10:39 AM
Kerrie La Guardia
ActiveRain, Community Manager - Kirkland, WA
Let it Rain!

Wow....soup that cooks itself?  I'm in!

Jan 10, 2011 10:43 AM
Randy Ostrander
Lake and Lodge Realty LLC - Big Rapids, MI
Real Estate Broker, Serving Big Rapids and West Central MI

That was amazing. Just when you think we have seen it all someone turns the page.

Jan 10, 2011 10:46 AM
Candy Henthorne
Results Realty - Spring, TX
Spring Texas Real Estate
Jason.. I agree, I now think I have seen it all. lol Kerrie: I like the soup idea as well. Randy: You said it in one word.. Amazing!
Jan 10, 2011 11:36 AM
Carl Winters
Canyon Lake, TX

Ceil has one they have something that will clean up the kitchen after dinner? This reminded me of a couple greeting cards I received, one sang Merry Christmas. I think this is just beginning to scratch the surface.

Jan 10, 2011 11:49 AM
Ricki Eichler McCallum
CastNet Realty - Corpus Christi, TX
Broker,GRI,ABR, e-Pro, TAHS

I like Ceil's idea, then I will really be amazed!

Jan 10, 2011 01:30 PM
Candy Henthorne
Results Realty - Spring, TX
Spring Texas Real Estate
Hi Carl & Ceil: I have seen the cards that sing to you as well and they are so cute. Ricki: I agree with you, would be amazing.
Jan 11, 2011 04:11 AM
Carl Winters
Canyon Lake, TX
Hi Candy - I heard about this new technology that will warm or cook your soup,,,,that's fantastic. Let me know if you see them in the retail stores I'll have to give it a try. CEIL
Jan 26, 2011 12:36 PM
Marchel Peterson
Results Realty - Spring, TX
Spring TX Real Estate E-Pro

Candy, This was the first time I have seen this it is amazing!  Wonders never cease!

Apr 03, 2011 04:36 PM