Home Repairs in Santa Clarita ~ Do What You Say You Will Do

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I received a call today from someone I had done work for in the city I used to live in. He wanted me to come and make some small repairs for him, but I explained that I am too busy in my new location, Santa Clarita. He said that he can't find anyone who will show up on time and do the work in a timely and professional manner. This is not the first time I have heard this. I know that I receive many referrals from people I have worked for here in Santa Clarita because of the same thing. I do not understand why people do not show up, come to appointments late, never call to cancel and do not finish work they have started. I have lived in Sweden and Finland for the first 50 years of my life and now I am a United States citizen and will live here for the remainder of my life. Over there, people do what they say they will do. I encourage people living in the U.S. to do the same. It makes for better relationships and a more productive society.

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