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We Buy Houses - Allentown PA House Buyers: Trends in real estate make a big difference in how easily you can sell your house. It seems that when the most people are in need of a quick sale, the market creates an atmosphere that makes it slower than ordinary times to sell. That’s because there are so many houses on the market all at the same time.

Current trens In The Real Estate MarketSince fewer people are buying due to the economy and the tighter restrictions on home loans by lenders, the market is virtually flooded with excess homes for sale. This brings the prices of the homes down considerably, and gives buyers the definite advantage where their purchases are concerned.

They can ask for just about anything they’d like when getting ready to make an off They might like your house except for the countertop in the kitchen. Maybe they’d also like to have new bathroom fixtures, and while you’re at it, could you change the carpet in the family room, too? This may sound demanding, but it’s a big and important purchase and the buyers have the upper hand at this point.

That makes it tough to sell your house as is if that’s what you would like to do. Any repairs or maintenance concerns will have to be addressed before you even put it on the market to be competitive. Your asking price will need to be as low as or even lower than the typical comp houses in your neighborhood. It must be the best deal in town for you to have a chance at selling it.

There may be problems with that concept if you plan to sell through the traditional real estate channels. The agent you choose will have suggestions for you as to what you should do to prepare the house for sale. They do know what their area and their buyers want. One of the biggest issues with that may be your lack of resources to do the repairs or remodel.

If you are selling the property because you are in financial difficulty you may not have the cash to fix things up. You may not have the time it takes to sell by traditional real estate methods, either. The average time for selling a house on the MLS is now as much as one to two years where it used to be months. It could be to your advantage to call a real estate investor or a wholesaler who can find a buyer for you and quickly. They often complete their transactions within a week.


Current Trends In The Real Estate MarketWe Buy Houses in Berks and Lehigh Counties Pennsylvania.

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We Buy Houses in all Locations of Berks and Lehigh Counties PA!




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