The New Drivers of the Real Estate Market

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We Buy Houses - Reedley CA House Buyers: Several years ago, prior to 2007 there were not many foreclosures bought and sold by real estate investors. That’s because, for one thing, there weren’t that many. If a homeowner got into financial trouble with the mortgage it was easy enough to stick a sign in the yard or call a realtor and the house would sell quickly and for an amount that was usually far above what was owed on it.

The Drivers of the Real Estate MarketAll sorts of people jumped into the real estate investment business with gusto and bought everything in sight. Then they could just as quickly sell and turn a handy profit in the meantime. Things were good and it was lots of fun for those involved.The market has changed so dramatically in the last several years that it’s almost hard to remember that those glory days were just a few years ago. Not so now, as everyone knows. If you find yourself in difficulty with your mortgage now you could be in real trouble because there is no way to get out of it in a hurry before you are foreclosed on and your credit ruined.

There are still many investors out there today that are driving the current real estate market and keeping it afloat as difficult as that may seem. Who are these people and what are they doing?They are the investors that are buying, wholesaling, and selling foreclosure houses. They are armed with large cash reserves, credit lines, teams of people that are professionals and help them in various aspects of the deals, and time is on their side.

The days of anyone who wants to try getting into the ring is not what it was a few years ago. Today there are many more deals out there due to the foreclosure numbers but it’s no longer a matter of flipping what you buy in a few weeks.It’s harder to sell now, so investors are buying, holding onto the property until it’s a good time to sell, and reaping their profits then. The old saying ‘you make the money when you buy’ has not been truer in recent times.

Those that are seasoned pros have a way of making money in real estate no matter what the market. Call one if you want to sell your house quickly to get out of a foreclosure or for any other reason. They are waiting to buy your property and can do it in about a week start to finish.

We Buy CalifoThe New Drivers of the Real Estate Markewtrnia Houses!

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