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Unhappy homeownersAccording to an article in the Wall Street Journal, customer DISsatifaction with banks has continued to plummet four years in a row and more and more consumers are switching over to try their hand at a cash only lifestyle. About 9 million US households are in fact doing just that citing high fees, protection for themselves, and bad service as reasoning behind the move and their unhappiness.

In turn, this got me many buyers/sellers out there are dissatisfied with their real estate agent? Enough so to take their business elsewhere, cancel the deal altogether, or turn their home into a FSBO? What are we as agents doing to prove to homeowners that our "high fees" (i.e. commission) is being earned, that we're not slacking off and giving bad service just because times are tough?

As a new member to Active Rain I dare step on toes but I've read many a blog on here where Realtors admit to having gotten lazy throughout the past few years. Where one used to know every property available in their local MLS and could recite them off the top of their heads, now they can barely tell you any of the current inventory past their own. An excuse...there's just too much of it. Five years ago, one had to put up a fight and go to battle to prove why they should represent a homeowner rather than someone else. Now, listings are easy to come by because everyone wants to sell. An excuse...listings are a dime a dozen and what I want is buyers. Well yeah, I'm sure you do. Don't we all?

I had a young lady call me the other day who was interested in seeing a home. She's ready to buy. She wants to invest. I knew who the property was listed by and I said to her, "Barbara*, have you called the listing agent to talk to her about it?" She proceeds to tell me that she'd called several times but to no avail. When she finally did reach the sellers agent she was given the code to the lock box and told that if she wanted to see the property then she was more than welcome to let herself in but the agent was not available at any point to show it to her. ?????. Granted, property value in this case is low, there isn't a whole lot of money to be made, but what Realtor tells someone that?! 

I asked a mentor of mine at work one day what our point of being in a real estate transaction was. Why are we here when technically someone could do it all on their own? "Because Margie," he says, "sometimes people just want to feel resassured that there is someone on their side, taking care of them, who has their best interests at heart."

To me, whomever owns that home, doesn't have someone in their corner looking out for them. Now is not the time to get lazy. Now is not the time for slack. This whole scenario taught me that now more than ever, people want to feel assured that despite what is undoubtably still a long road ahead, and while it might not be quick or easy, that we are there to take care of their future. To assist and protect them in the buying and selling of real estate. I'm looking for complete satisfaction.


Margie Kopp

Coldwell Banker Lake Oconee Realty

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