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Nashville Medical Expertise includes services for your pet.  We all know the wonderful medical services that folks can find here in the Greater Nashville Area.  But these state-of-the-art medical facilites are not limited to us humans...our pets also have lots to choose from.

A coupMaxle of months back I noticed that my dog's eyes looked a little cloudy.  During his regular check-up the vet had said "Oh looks like he is getting cataracts, " and that was that.  Then 3 weeks ago it was time for his shots and this vet asked if I was interested in a referral to a Eye Vet.  A what I asked?  I had never heard of an Veterinarian that specialist in eye care.  Well they do and we have one right here in Greater Nashville.

Veterinary Ophthalmology Services was established in 1991 and serves as the only full-time animal eye care facility in middle Tennessee. Their main office is located in Greater Nashville. 

Veterinary ophthalmology is a specialization of veterinary medicine that addresses eye health, eye disease, and vision in animals. A veterinary ophthalmologist is involved in all phases of animal eye care, working with general practice veterinarians and other veterinary specialists to help diagnose and treat animal eye problems such as cataracts, glaucoma, vision loss, eye infections, eye cancers, corneal ulcers, dry eye problems, eyelid abnormalities, diseases of the retina, and genetic eye problems. Treatment options and recommendations are made to help return your pets' health and improve their quality of life.

Well my little guy goes into surgery in the morning for Cataract Removal and Lens Replacement.  We are all hoping and praying that he will do fine and wake up and fully see the big beautiful world again.

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Kari Battaglia, PA
Veterans Realty Inc - Venice, FL
Love Where You Live

Diane, Sally Sue is adorable.  It is amazing how far along vet services have come. I will be saying a pray that everything will turn out great for her.

Jan 12, 2011 09:21 AM
Diane Osowiecki
Diane O and Friends - Benchmark Realty - Franklin, TN
Greater Nashville Real Estate

Thanks so much. 

Jan 12, 2011 09:24 AM